Monday, October 11, 2004

I Made It Back

Well after 1600 miles I am back in NC.. I had a really good time on my journey .. seeing my family was nice and seeing my friends was nice .. so It was a good trip all around..

I got to TN on friday afternoon and spent the weekend doing lots of things.. friday evening I got my hair done and my eyebrows waxed and then I had dinner with a friend.. then Saturday I went to Jazz on the Lawn at the winery where I managed to consume a whole bottle of red wine by myself and smoke a big fat great cigar.. and listen to the Clarksville Jazz Quintet..I dont think saturday could have gotten much better... It was a good fun night..

Sunday I got to see my dad .. hang with my sister some .. reacquaint her with some crochet.. and watched The Punisher with my niece when she got home from work.. It was a nice day .. I had a really good dinner too .. I went to my house and picked up some more yarn.. I didnt realize I had as much there as I did LOL.. the back of the Mini looked like a small yarn store had gone out of business and I had bought the whole thing on the way home ... Oh well .. at least I dont have to go buy any thing new .. well OK.. I will but it just wont be as much LOL....

I didnt get much work done this week.. but since my house is clean I can do a bunch between now and Thursday's market.. I dont need to do too much but would like to have my beaded shawl done and a couple new scarves by then.. I think that is an obtainable goal.. and maybe another little star ..

My niece managed to put in her order for Christmas .. which is good since I didnt know what she might want.. so she picked something and I am going to make it for her.. maybe it will be her birthday gift maybe it will be Christmas.. who knows.. we will see how fast I can get it done .. my sister looked through my stuff and commented on several things so it makes it pretty easy to pick something to make her for Christmas as well ..

Well I am beat... longer blog tomorrow .. Good night!!

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