Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Road To Hell

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.. I must be the main contributer to the asphalt .. I swear.. I have nothing new for market tomorrow, however I did manage to get the other shawl done.. I tassled a wrap that has been spoken for already and I organized my file box that contains my patterns.. as much as I wanted new things to take .. I just wasnt into this week ...I think I am still recovering from all that driving..

So I just checked tomorrow's weather as I always do on Wednesday night.. looks like its going to be a nice day .. maybe a bit on the chilly side.. one can always hope.. that should make for more business for me .. Supposed to be clear and about 74.. so a nice day to be out .. and no rain .. Its always dismal when it rains..

I do look forward to my weekly buy of cucumbers and tomatoes and leaf lettuce... always sooooo good.. and maybe some apples for some apple butter this week because I just feel the strangest need to make some.. it IS fall ... I have the best recipe for it .. it goes into the crock pot and is virtually fuss free... hopefully the vendor beside me will have grapes this week .. he had some really good ones last week... I want more !!

I am trying to decide what I want to take with me to work on tomorrow ... the answer right now is absolutely nothing.. but of course I will regret it if I dont because 9 hours is a long time to sit and be bored that is for damned sure.. last week I managed to get a wrap done and start a poncho... maybe I can be jsut as productive tomorrow.. I guess I will decide in the morning what I want to deal with .. par for the course.. leave it til I am walking out the door to decide.. It really depends on my mood anyway ...

I got a nice two mile walk in with my dogs today .. shorter than yesterday's walk but nice none the less.. they really enjoy it... makes them sleep really well at night too .. My great dane cracks me up on a daily basis.. he is the great squirrel hunter.. the problem is .. once he sees one and they run.. he is too goofy to figure out where they went.. he is still sniffing the ground and they are in the tree 500 feet up by the time he realizes its not on the ground any of these days I am tempted to let him off the leash to see just how far he would go to get one.. there are two that live outside in the tree right beside the front door that sit and chatter to each other.. drives him crazy.. he will stand at the door whining like I would really let him out to run after him .. I swear they know they are tormenting him and they just dont care.. So one day and maybe soon I will let him loose so he can have his wrath on the squirrels...

Til then .. I watch the trees carefully so I dont get dragged down while walking him ...

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