Tuesday, October 19, 2004

As Promised

So as promised I am posting pictures of my latest stuff.. and if I had remembered how much pain this puts me through.. maybe I would have spaced it out some .. NAH.. would rather do it all at once and get it over with ... so here we go ..

I guess I will start with my galaxy poncho.. I really cant say enough about this yarn.. its beautiful and works so nice.. it has a natural texture so no fancy stitches are needed this was all worked in a simple "V" stitch.. unfortunately I dont have a manequin or an extra body and havent taken the time to figure the timer on my camera.. so you get a front and back shot on my office chair.. I dont think it does this any justice .. but hey .. I promised !

Here are the two baby blankets made out of the softest yarn I think I have ever touched.. Peter Pan Wendy Velvet Touch.. soo sooooo nice !!!

Here are two hats made with the same pattern different yarns.. its the new one by Dot ..I HAD to make this did one last night and one this morning

And finally tonight .. my two Bernat Boa key hole scarves and two little stockings and two little stars ..

I have been very busy today.. I started another poncho.. worked on the one in progress.. worked some on my little scarf I started with a railroad yarn.. that one is working on me a little so I do it in small doses.. (pictures when I am finished if it turns out nice)

I should be working on some beaded fringe I am adding to the black mohair shawl I battled with a few weeks back , but I havent been inspired.. maybe the thought of more money will inspire me tomorrow ....*evil grin*

Here is the last picture I will leave you with tonight .. this is what it looks like to the right of me every night as I blog or surf.. my protectors ..

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