Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Let me tell you all .. I have been one crocheting bitch this weekend.. but not as productive as I should have been.. I did make it to the thrift shop to get the baby yarn.. and let me tell you .. if you have never used the Wendy Peter Pan Velvet Touch yarn.. you are missing out.. its the softest stuff I have ever touched.. I swear it .. I made two baby blankets from the 6 skiens I purchased.. I am going to go back for the off white now that I know how it feels and works up ..

So from Friday to today this is what I have made..

2 baby blankets.. one little star and one plain rectangle..(not really plain but just a rectangle with a nice stitch pattern)
2 keyhole scarves made out of Bernat Boa
A poncho made out of Bernat Galaxy
Several small Christmas stars and stockings
Dot's new hat
Fringe on the poncho and the shawl I mentioned in my last post
I managed to finish a couple of UFO's that had been laying around at my house in KY since last year..
And I started two more ponchos.. another hat .. and a lapghan..

As soon as I get my batteries recharged for my camera (I discovered they were all dead when I went to take pictures) I will get some pictures posted of my work.. I am sure you all will want to see it ..

So even though I didnt get as much done as I could have had I been totally focused on my work.. I feel I did get quite a bit done and I still have two days before market so I hope I can get a few more items done for that before I go.. Of course the more I finish the more tags I have to do wednesday night.. but that isnt a huge deal and is actually a creative and productive process as well ..

While I was getting my yarn at the thrift shop.. I met a lady that crochets but said she didnt know how to read a pattern.. I told her about my market days on Thursday ... she asked if she could stop by and hang out with me so I could teach her a couple things.. of course I said yes.. this should be fun.. she seems very nice and it will break up my day .. maybe make the time go faster.. I am there 9 hours every Thursday.. sometimes it flies by and sometimes it doesnt .. this past Thursday didnt because nothing I took to work on really inspired me and I felt pressured to do the things in my bag instead of having freedom of choice.. of course I am the one that picked the projects for my bag.. so who else is there to blame LOL ...

I just looked at the time.. I guess I should get to bed.. or plan an all nighter for work.. nahhh.. I am gonna go to bed so I can be up early in the morning.. I always get woken up early on Tuesday by the garbage man .. but I cant complain.. I dont have to take my own garbage like I do at home .. so its not so bad.. So pics and more tomorrow I promise !!

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