Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lazy Wednesday

It never fails.. the day before market always consumes me.. I get up.. tidy the house because after being out all day I dont want to come home to a mess to tidy.. besides tomorrow night my time is going to be taken with watching my beloved Cardinals and hoping they kick some Astro ass.....but i was taken with basic cleaning, laundry, taking the dogs on an extra long walk because they wont get one tomorrow (my way of making it up to them ahead of time), washing them, totally cleaning the cat box new litter and all, and getting my things out and ready to be loaded to be taken to market tomorrow.. so the only real productivness toward my business today was a few rows on the railroad scarf.. and some jam jar covers....I guess I am glad I was so diligent over the weekend..

I am really not sure what it is about Wednesday .. maybe its the fact it IS the day before market.. maybe its because its hump day and I am not getting humped.. who knows .. I have been some what blah all day.. So here is hoping for a really great day tomorrow ..I still need to make some tags and attach them tonight.. I may do that as I drink my caffeine in the morning.. I have packed my lunch already .. I have readied my things at the front door to be loaded.. I would load them tonight but its really dark out there since the street light on the corner has seemed to have stopped working.. just think .. some one could come in the middle of the night and take all my stuff .. then I would just be sad.. so I will wait til morning to load.. on the plus side that gets my blood moving in the morning.. since I am the ultimate non morning person..

Just checked the weather.. I think I should do quite well tomorrow .. It's only going to be 68 for a high and be cloudy most of the day .. the fall is here .. people will be thinking about keeping warm.. or at least that is what I am hoping.. speaking of which.. I best wear some clothes that will keep me warm tomorrow .. no little tank top and jeans and birkies.. real shoes tomorrow.. ugh.. I always dread the day when I have to close my feet up in real shoes to keep them warm.. Dont get me wrong.. I love SHOES and BOOTS.. I just dont like wearing them ALL day LONG.. also.. it marks the very end of summer ...I really love the fall.. I just hate cold feet.. Maybe I will go get some of those clear boots to show off my socks.. or maybe I should just wear some socks with my sandals and become the complete nerd .. on second though.. I dont think so .. Tomorrow will be a day of nice fleece pants , black long sleeved t-shirt and my trusty Nike's ... that will be comfortable and jsut warm enough .. of course if I need more warmth on top.. I can pull something from display and wrap it around me.. I am also thinking I might make a thermos of hot cocoa in case.. no .. that would only serve to make me sleepy and I cant have that ..

In conclusion tonight I have only one thing to say ....

GO CARDS!!!!!!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Wednesday, October 20, 2004  


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