Monday, November 01, 2004

Hmm Neglecting

Wow.. seems this weekend got busy for me .. Friday I did alot of running around and errands.. I decided this going to the grocery every week was for the birds.. so I made a trip into Fayetteville to the Sam's club there.. so 330 dollars later.. I have enough food.. dog food.. wine.. etc to last me about 6 months.. not really.. but it sure as hell felt like it when I was trying to unload all of it and find places for things around here ..LOL...also felt like it when I was trying to cram it all in my Mini to get it home ..I tell you .. its amazing what that little car will hold..

Oh before I forget.. here is the detail of the shawl.. It turned out so nice .. I am going to make one more with the green like this one and I am going to make one with a gold chenille that I think will turn out nice..

So all you that were waiting.. I hope it was worth the wait.. I seemed to have neglected my blog over the weekend and I feel quite bad about it.. but I am sure you will all understand ..

Friday was crazy and after carting in all that stuff I was so tired .. I didnt know getting food could be that exhausting.. Saturday I drove over to Lillington for their " Antique Street Festival".. it was some what of a disappointment .. but ok .. the best part was the old cars they had on show.. some had left by the time I had gotten there but there were still several very nice ones.. of course I had to check out the booths.. there was a basket weaver there that had some really and I mean really nice baskets.. there was a potter.. throwing pots and trying to get people interested in pottery..

And last but not least.. 2 booths with crochet.. one had nothing but scarves.. and that one was ok .. still not great.. no great yarns or anything .. all commercial type stuff one can get at any craft store.. and the other was the typical ..lots of acrylic and super saver stuff.. I just dont understand.. why put all the work into something if you arent doing something spectacular! ..seriously.. she had 3 afghans.. all acrylic.. reasonably priced.. but for the work involved .. not worth it..I could never sit and work on an afghan only to sell it off for 50 dollars.. I have ponchos that I sell for that..I guess there is seriously no accounting for taste.. and also .. it might explain why she had not sold one.. I think you have to stay up with trends and fashion even in home decor to be able to viably sell things.. that goes for any have to be up on what people want and are buying or might be interested in .. I know in order to keep my business fresh.. I wont be selling say ponchos in 4 to 5 years.. simply because demand for them will probalby be
gone.. if some one would want a special order one ..yes I would make it.. but I will not be stocking something like that..

Saturday night was trick or treat here.. I guess I went a little over board buying 5 pounds of candy.. In Kentucky I woud have went through that and would have had to go in and turn my light off early .. Here.. I had 6 trick or treaters.. yes that isnt a typo.. 6 kids.. had I known.. I would have given each of them near a pound of candy so I wouldnt be stuck with the temptatin of eating it .. Oh well .. I can always just hide it some where ..

I have to say this.. I am still a little upset and disappointed the Cardinals didnt win the World Series.. I will say.. Boston definately showed they wanted it more .. they played harder and smarter than the Cardinals .. and even after setting the record for errors in the first two games.. they still came out on top.. After game three.. I pretty much knew the Sox were gonna take it.. I swear .. game three.. I have seen little leaguers play better.. what a dismal and disappointing game.. after that I seriously thought the Cardinals should have just called the Sox and said.."Hey.. we suck.. the Astros really should have won out play offs.. we arent gonna show up for the rest of our games.. just go ahead and take the World Series"... that might have been less embarassing for us Cardinals fans.. I will give credit where credit is due.. the Sox played hard and earned what they won.. CONGRATS!!

I have this to say as well.. I am glad its November 1st and elections are tomorrow.. I am sick and tired of campaign ads.. I cant imagine being so uninformed about my decision that a campaign ad would form my decision about a candidate.. I feel bad for those people that let 2 minutes and a brief glimpse at what some one is about help make a decision about the cadidate they are going to support.. I hope there are more people out there that did the smart thing and researched and read about each candidate and made a wise decision.. instead of letting TV decide for you .. or a celebrity or what ever .. I want to think the American people are smarter than that.. unfortunately I know I am wrong for the most part.. there are many out there that believe every thing the media feeds us .. and will make their decision with out watching a debate.. reading a report or looking up and disputing the "facts" as thrown to us by the media .. I hope that you vote .. and when you vote .. you do so with conviction.. and you seriously believe in what the candidate you vote for stands for .. *kicking the soapbox back under the bed*

I am all ove the place here today.. I think that is about all I wanted to say this morning.. there may be more before the day is up.. Have a good day and Happy November!!

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