Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dangers of the Thrift Store

Right.. so I went to the Thrift store today for baby yarn.. there wasnt any left when I got there .. so .. well.. here is my haul

So all I can say is that I am weak.. I know this and openly admit it.. especially if it involves getting a great deal.. which of course this was .. the three balls of Opulent alone would have cost me what the whole haul did.. So of course I dont feel so bad.. AND I knew what I was going to make with all of it before I even left the store.. another thing.. I didnt spend every dollar I had in my bag this time either.. so I give myself a gold star for restraint .. well ok some restraint.. I should have left when they didnt have any baby yarn.. I just couldnt walk away.. so the cotton will be colourful jam jar covers( I have already made 4 today).. the Opulent is going to be scarves .. (quick pat on the back ~ the grey has already been made into its scarf this afternoon .. held with black mohair)..the purple and pink silks will be made into lacy shawls and the lime green odd yarn out is going to be a funky scarf for myself .. because out of all this work.. I have made nothing for me.. well except the galaxy poncho.. but i sold that thursday when I was made an offer I couldnt refuse..

Its been a good productive day already.. cant wait for game one tonight .. I am going to work through it as well .. I might even light a fire in the fireplace ... its been chilly and overcast all day here.. and my fingers are a little cold.. guess I should do that soon so it can die out before bedtime.. fall is in the air.. I love it !!!

So off to work I go.. have a great evening every one !!

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