Monday, November 08, 2004

Blog Neglect

Hmm .. I sit here wondering what the punishment is for blog neglect.. and I hope my little blog friends forgive me for my lapse in posting .. I have been super busy though..

Thursday was market day.. I received 5 special orders... and of course got completely soaking wet.. so forgive the non blog on thursday as I was trying to hang all the wet items to dry and of course dry out all the other things as well as myself Thursday night ..

Friday.. hmm what did I do Friday? Oh I crocheted almost all day long.. took my dogs for a walk and of course went to the gym.. I know that doesnt sound like a lot .. but I got all my special order stuff done on friday .. so 2 capelets.. a boa scarf .. a childs version of a boa scarf and a hand bag later.. i was finished.. all on Friday..

Saturday .. I went to a party.. I wore the purple shawl.. I got rave reviews and sold it straight off my back .. I guess getting the fringe done was a pay off .. and of course I have to make 3 more but have a couple of weeks to do them .. I love wearing what I make.. Its the best advertising any one could possibly do .. so the party was at 1 .. I got home at 8:45 and began my orders for shawls.. I finished one shawl body(no fringe) and a bottle of pinot noir and it was time for bed.. imagine that !! ..

Sunday.. I finished the other 2 shawls fringe and all and did the fringe on the previous nights.. much to my surprise I woke up and the shawl looked as good as I thought it had when I went to bed.. you know some time alcohol can distort the vision.. I know you all know what beer goggles are !!.....walked those pesky dogs.. and drank some more wine .. and worked on two small ponchos for christmas gifts.. in between I did 3 loads of wash.. folded and put away and raked all those fekkin pine needles up from my yard.. and washed the dogs

Today... Finished a complete poncho from a picture.. started another and finished up another Christmas gift.. walked the dogs.. went to the gym.. took the garbage to the curb...finished another hat and scarf set.. and found some time in there to get my calendars printed to March for my organizer..

So I am asking.. I am forgiven for not keeping you entertained when you can clearly see I have been beyond busy and trying to get ahead for christmas although there will be that one gift I forgot .. or forgot to make so there will be that scramble about December 23rd or so... to either speed crochet something or just give in to the pressure and go buy something after I have been talked into drinking wine instead of crocheting.. ...... so dear readers .. I will try my best not to leave you hanging as long as I have done so this week ever again.. but I assure you if it does happen .. it means I am seriously busy ..or there is something really wrong with me and you all should panic.. all 3 of you LOL ...

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