Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sleep Deprivation and Sanity

I sit here wondering how long you can go on say one to three hours a sleep a n ight before you start losing your sanity...

Oh WAIT! I lost mine a long time maybe I shouldnt worry so much..Just thinking over the events of last night and how incredibly stupid it was to get so excited about finishing the shawl I was working on.. At 3 am I was thinking.. DAMN.. tomorrow is going to be on long assed cold and rainy day out in the weather ..I should have went to sleep sooner.. why? because even though I finished the fucking shawl.. I didnt get it fringed so there is no way I could sell it today anyway .. I will not take it and fringe it as I sit today because my work space is not condusive to such activities.. and balancing scissors, beads, fringe template, and yarn is not my idea of fun on a rainy cold day.. On the flip side.. I do have a function saturday night I can wear said shawl to and do some advertising.. Of course, in turn, I could have just worked on it today while I was sitting instead of being on the determined frenzy to finish last night.. I do have to say .. It turned out quite nicely.. Let me go snap a pic and see if I can capture Its beauty.. It will only take a sec and you will never know I was gone..

See...didnt take long at all did it ?

So this is a plum coloured chenille held with an irridescent lurex thread that has pink, purplish, and sliver cast to it .. so just imagine this shawl with a long fringe consisting mostly of the metallic thread some chenille and the thread has black glass irredescent beads on it... of course you can have a picture later.. I just wanted to show you why I was so excited last night..

Also.. since I am on a show and tell kick is the galaxy capelet I did last week as a special order.. I loved the way it turned out.. If she decides she doesnt want it.. I think I will keep it for me .. who am I kidding? If I wear it and some one wants it .. I would sell it off my back for the right price of course!

I hope every one enjoyed their little morning surprise.. for now.. I have to slurp down my coffee and get ready to go.. for some one that was up early so I wouldnt be late.. I am just gonna make it .. figures.. I swear to god I will be late to my own funeral.. and seriously .. any one who really knows me .. will tell you the same.. I am only ever on time when I have to punch a clock.. c'est la vie! I like to think this is an endearing quality about me...I am quite certain its not really and it drives people insane...

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