Monday, November 29, 2004

Making Stuff Maddness

In my effort to get ready for market this week.... I have been a busy beaver.. I have in rotation two shawls.. a scarf.. a poncho.. a wrap.. some hats.. jam jar covers.. if I can get all that done by thursday market .. I will be beyond happy .. then I can sit at market and work on my orders and get those done by the time I leave there.. that would make my day .. I have all but two christmas gifts taken care of.. and I have been barely sleeping because I have so much new fun yarn to play with .. I have been staying up til like 3 am and then getting back up at 8.. I am totally insane .. I know this ..

I am actually kind of excited about my body flow class tomorrow .. that is that thing at the gym I do that is half tai chi and half yoga.. it makes me feel all good and mellow for the rest of the day ..I have really been trying to get on a schedule.. its hard for me .. I do walk the dogs every day .. if I dont they get crazy and do stupid stuff cause they are all wired up...

Its been like Christmas around here with the swaps and secret pal things.. I need to take a pic of what my swap buddy Dawn sent .. I got snowflakes and potholders and some nice recipe cards.. .. I seriously need to finish up those things too !

Well since I have been a hermit since Thanksgiving I have come up with a theory.. I seriously thing its the turkey that does that to us.. we have off from thursday til sunday and what do we do .. sit around and eat all weekend and do alot of nothing .. I SWEAR ITS THE TURKEY....its a conspiracy ! You would think they would do something that would make us all want to shop all weekend .. but no.. its the lazy stuff they put in .. of course there are those crazy shoppers that get out on Black Friday pushing and shoving as if that store is the only one that has that item and there will be no more like it til Christmas.. its madness.. complete and total maddness.. i would rather spend the extra few dollars to NOT have to deal with it .. and that is what I usually do .. I worked retail and then worked int he service industry for far too long to even want to be around those crazed lunatics voluntarily.. I swear I used to have night mares!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, November 29, 2004  


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