Monday, November 22, 2004

Up Early

Why is it when I am up early I spend at least an hour getting my head out of my ass trying to figure where to start my day ?? I should have just slept another hour and would have been at the same place as I am now..still groggy after being up early ... This certainly reaffirms my placement in the Night Owl Club.. up late .. sleep late.. not til noon or anything just maybe 9.. some how I still dont ever feel completely rested.. I would be shocked if I ever woke up just so refreshed I couldnt stand myself...

This weekend was a flurry of activity around here.. getting the house cleaned for the dinner guest coming tonight.. working on chirstmas and whatnot... I didnt even leave the house this weekend.. not really a strange thing for me though ... I have been known to hole up for a week or so before venturing out again .. as long as I have food in the house I am good.. and even if I dont.. and there are things I can eat.. sometimes I put it off even longer.. I hate grocery shopping.. Its weird.. I know.. there are alot of you that take joy in food shopping.. NOT ME.. as much as I like to cook you would think that would be just the opposite.. but if I had a house where stuff magically appeared in my fridge and cabinets.. I would probably never leave.. well except of course to get more yarn..

That brings me to this bit of excitement...I am going to see my yarn supplier tomorrow.. wish me luck in not busting the budget wide open.. actually I am fairly sensible about the whole thing.. I take only the money I can spend.. I leave the checkbook and other things at home.. That way I am forced to make hard decisions and the temptation to buy "one of everything" is dashed before I leave the house.. I can say this though.. My money stretches pretty far when I go there.. I cant wait.. I had bid on and won
THIS and of course that gives me an excuse to go over and load up... last time I bought from her I was good and sent payment and let her ship to me .. this time.. I am jonesing to go touch yarn.. to look at all the new things she has .. I know there is alot more there than she has listed.. and plus that family has to be the nicest set of people ...they are always glad to see me .. and always tease me about bringing a bigger car every time I go.. there are good sides to having such a tiny car .. I cant get too carried away .. however.. I have found room for about 200 pounds of yarn in my car.. so its not that small .. well ok it is .. but the cargo space is GREAT.. and of course this will give me an excuse to use my ball winder even more .. and there is that little yarn swap at Crochetville .. I "need" yarn for that.. cant disappoint now can i?

I swear if I had my own little sheep farm.. a spinning wheel .. and grocery delivery... I seriously would never leave the house.. how nice would that be.. Well..ok.. I would leave.. only to travel though .. I love to travel and learn new things and see new stuff.. its the BEST..its the rude mannerless people I tend to run into when I do these things that turn me off to being social.. I swear these people had to be raised by wolves.. No common courtesy .. I hate that .. I was raised to say "yes ma'am" and "no Ma'am" and to acknowledge the people that spoke to me .. etc.. I am sort of old fashioned in that sense .. when some one asks me how I am .. I answer them.. I dont grunt and walk away.. we were taught to be polite and kind to people.. if we werent we would be beat down when we got home .. that is just the way it was.. and I also will tell you this .. a good spanking never hurt a soul and neither did doing chores and having responisibilities.. that is another ten page entry so I will leave it this morning and go to the grocery store.. and hope there arent that many people there already..

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