Saturday, November 27, 2004

Last Few Days

Hmm.. what can I say about the past few days.. except.. I had a really nice Thanksgiving.. even though it was kind of weird not cooking anything.. its been chilly here.. that doesnt hurt my feelings.. more of an excuse to sit around and work on more stuff.. and play with all my new yarn .. I have a few things to complete before thursday market but not too much .. I dont believe in overwhelming myself..

I wish I could say there was something super exciting going on over here but there really isnt.. I guess I have just been the boring house wife type the past few days.. Its been kind of nice though .. just being holed up here .. I know I have to leave the house in a few days because groceries are getting short.. but I think I can stretch them a couple more days at least ..

Of course this might mean I have to eat a chicken pot pie for breakfast but that is ok .. I hate grocery shopping THAT much .. I have always hated this task.. I am sure I have ranted on about it before.. I am not sure what about it I hate.. I just hate it ..

On good note .. I have been productive and planned a few new projects with my new yarns.. of course when I finish them I will post pictures.. I have started to make my plans for Christmas.. and It looks as though the dog sitter is going to come through so I will be going home for Christmas !! I am glad for that..

I have done a little house cleaning this weekend.. and things around here look pretty good.. gave some stuff away .. reorganized myyarn and put away my new things on the shelves already.. I went to sleep last night dreaming of yarn combinations.. how sad is that ? I dream of yarn .. not sexy scantily clad men running around an island with their toned tanned oiled bodies gleaming in the sun.. no.. I dream of mohair and wool.. and the things I am going to do with them LOL.. and what new stitches I am going to try next and what is the next colour combination I am going to put together..


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