Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I Am A Fibber

Okay.. I am a fibber.. I didnt intentionally lie about putting pictures of all my super duper yarn today .. I have just been so busy USING some of it.. that I havent snapped any .. I would take them tonight but I am in the middle of a wrap I want to finish before bed.. and of course morning light shows the colours so much better.. so.. you have to wait..

I also have to mention I did in fact bring home about 100 pounds of it .. so its gonna take a little while to get some good pictures.. I have been looking at it.. petting it.. letting it tell me what it wants to be made into all day .. one yarn even told me on the way home last night .. so that is what I have been working on today .. the wrap .. out of the best and softest creme coloured chenille with little sparkly flecks of gold in it .. so holidayish.. I made out like a fat cat yesterday..

The best part about going to pick up your yarn from Melanie is the big building behind her office .. well the office isnt so bad either .. 12 X 14 foot of yarn to the ceiling .. then out back.. 20 X 30 foot of yarn to the ceiling.. I was like a crack whore yesterday getting her fix after fiending all night for it.. I was so giddy on the drive home it didnt really matter that it took almost an extra hour to get here.. and when I did get here and got all my stuff inside..

I lined it all up in my coffee table and living room floor and just looked at it .. never mind the fact it was almost midnight when I got here.. I wanted to start working on something last night .. but I knew I needed sleep and I definately wanted a clear head to start working .. So I did what any yarn addict would have.. I popped some wine.. stared at my yarn.. drank that whole bottle then went to bed.. I got up at 6 this morning and started crocheting and I havent stopped all day save to go to breakfast.. and take the dogs for a walk this afternoon.. busy bee I tell you ..

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow.. going to a friends .. it's the first time in a few years I havent been required to bake any thing.. All I have to do is bring the wine.. wooohooo.. wine is so good.. I love a good red this time of year in front of the fireplace.. even though its been too warm for that .. I still love my wine.. I have lots in my life in which to be thankful.. I wont start a list here.. but trust me .. its long..

So I dont have to be to dinner til about 3 tomorrow .. so I will take those pictures and get them up here.. so after you all have had your turkey you can come on and drool over my yarn.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERY ONE !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Wednesday, November 24, 2004  


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