Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I want to know a few things today .. first of all .. why is it when I take a nap I wake up feeling like Death on a Cracker(doac)? when every one else wakes up refreshed and ready to attack the world.. I hear my friends say .. I am gonna go take a power nap so I can be refreshed.. and all I can think is they are gonna be real disappointed if they wake up like DOAC .. groggy.. achy...headache.. aches in places you didnt know you had because you dozed on the sofa thinking you were comfortable when you actually went to sleep.. then of course you dream about what ever is on tv.. this after noon I dreamed I was in The Saint (the british program not the movie) ...cotton mouth and well.....bitchy... I would have been better off to stay awake.. only I just couldn't keep my eyes open and I have hopes of finishing some projects by tomorrow.. if that werent important I would have said to hell with it and just stayed up and went to be extremely early tonight..

For once.. I wish I could know what it was to wake up feeling GREAT.. I dont even do that in the morning.. very rarely.. it happens when I have had "just enough " to drink.. that magic amount between enough to make you sleep and dead drunk.. too little has the same effect as none.. more... well doesnt make me feel bad in the morning I just sleep too long.. the right amount I wake up feeling GREAT..I dont drink often .. so the opportunity to wake up feeling great only happens once in a great while LOL .. oh well .. such as life..

I used to work with girls that would go home between shifts to take a nap.. they would come back all happy an dready to work.. If I did that .. I would either not come back or get fired when I did because I would come back so bitchy no one would want to talk to me .. LOL...

oh well .. off to finish my shawl that is looking like a blanket .. UGH..I feel crappy!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, November 30, 2004  


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