Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Serious Neglect

I really didnt realize how long I had been away from the land of blog til I got an email today from a friend asking if I was ever gonna blog again.. MAN..I have the crappiest concept of time.. and when I get really busy .. the concept of times gets even more thrown off.. Its that time if year also when I feel as if time suddenly fast forwards and I find myself saying....it's the 14th ALREADY? So forgive me guys for I have been busy ...

Saturday was the Annual Christmas Carriage Parade here.. it went right in front of the house.. I was invited across the street to a party .. It was really nice .. the parade was awesome.. there were many carriages all decorated for the season.. there was one even made to look like a unicorn pegasus.. white horse.. golden horn..huge white feathered wings..driven by angels... my favourite however was the little carriage that was pulled by two miniature horses looking like something right out of the English country side... red plaid blankets on the horses and covering the occupants of the carriage... holly and ribbons in the spokes if the wheels...a pole holding a lantern.. the riders in the carriage in red jackets and black helmets.. it was very quaint.. they also had bells braided into the horses manes and tails....the the last carriage was pulled by morgan horses and it was pulling santas carriage complete with a couple of elves and whimsical candy land decorations...it was really nice...

The party was pleasant as well.. I met some nice people and I was invited to participate in a knitting and crochet group..kind of like a Stitch-n-Bitch..I was told it was very social .. what ever that means.. there was hot cider, a bloody mary bar, and chili in the bag.. something new to me.. you take a small bag of doritos ..smash them up before opening the bag...cut the top off the bag.. ladle your chili in and top it.. then eat it right out of the bag.. it was really good......

I have been busy as a bee getting Christmas gifts done to send out.. Christmas things done to give to friends here.. Winter Swap items for my Crochetville swap....my gift exchange item for my swap....items for my booth at the market.. not to mention the orders I have had for Christmas gifts.. and trying to get my yarn swap things done.. I have carried crochet with me all week in case I had to stand in line some where .. or if I got a few extra minutes some where that I could stitch.. and then there is also the regular stuff I do.. like clean my house.. do my laundry .. wash the dogs... eat.. you know those little things that get in the way of production..

The guy at the post office is going to hide when I get there tomorrow.. I have exactly 23 boxes to send off...I guess that can be my contribution to my parents' salaries.. they both work at the post office and well as my step mom......

I have also been avoiding the public as much as possible.. I know this sounds crazy but at this time of year people truly go insane.. I am not kidding you .. and over 10 years in retail work (I am so glad I dont do that any more) has taught me that the Christmas season is full of insane stupid people that get mad at you when they cant find what they want because they waited til the week before Christmas to start looking for that "hot" item of the year.. I am so glad I make my stuff.. I am so glad the only place I go that might cause me stress is the post office.. and that usually isnt bad.. when I go to do my grocery shopping its usually really late at night since the grocer I go to is open 24/7... unless its one of those times I need deli meat then I get there at 6 am so I can be the first person there to get the meat cut and I move on.....

I am still even after all these years.. amazed at the amount of non holiday spirit that fills these shoppers ....instead of being happy they have the money to go shop and live in a free country and arent starving.. they are upset because its crowded..they have to wait.. they cant find what they want... when I do venture out into the madness.. I try my best to be in the best possible mood when I go.. I am super nice to the person or people that help me because I know in my heart their day ..hell their whole month ... has been hellish....I am nice to the cashier .. and I am even nice to the grumpy person behind me in line..hoping some holiday cheer rubs off on them....

This brings me to all the good hearted people at Crochetville... we did a wish list thing there like I had on my blog.. every one has been great at granting wishes.. from the smaller ones like me .. burt's bees lip balm.. I have recieved 3 tubes and a tin so far.. and if I have more coming I will be glad.. to larger things.. gift cards for favourite stores.. yarns.. hand turned crochet hooks etc... this place has kept me in the spirit this year.. I have granted several wishes and I have had some granted to me.. the act of giving seflessly is a great and wonderful feeling ... and this place has definately had that feeling going on the past few weeks.. Its almost like magic to me... its a great feeling also to see the response to doing things just for the sake of doing them.. giving and not expecting any thing in return.. the thank yous I have gotten have been more than enough.. had I not had one wish granted.. I would have been fine because I know there are people there that deserve far more than I do .. I have a nice comfortable life .. I know that not every one does.. I just like doing nice stuff.. especially for people I think deserve it....

I hope this catches me up a bit.. tomorrow there will be pictures of the Christmas gifts I have been slaving over... and maybe a couple bonus ... have a great night every one !!

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