Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday Monday

Right.. so after my kick about carbs last night.. what did I do this evening? Make an apple pie from scratch.. I am so terrible.. not really.. Its for a friend not me .. and there are very few smells I like better than apple pie in the oven .. so delicious...

As much as I hate to say this.. I wish it felt more like Christmas here.. today it was 60 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be 72.. I think there might have been about 2 nights so far that have dipped below 30.. I know I shouldnt say anything and be glad the weather is so mild.. because I know that soon .. I will be so cold I will be complaining and all of you will remind me of how I really wished for it..then I will have to quit being a pain in the ass.. LOL.....

I swear there must be something in the water .. the moon phase or whatever.. My animals were bound and determined to irritate the living shit out of me today ....It all started when Tiger got up in my face this morning and started sniffing.. I opened my mouth and breathed out.. my morning dragon breath sent him running for the hills.. I giggled to myself and thought " Thats right dont mess with the Dragon breath" I am sick.. I know.. I dont think that cat recovered the rest of the day.. when I rolled out of bed he wanted out and he hasnt come back in yet...

Then there is the Boston Terrier , Brutus... I turn my back for less than 15 minutes today.. come back in the living room.. kitty litter every where and he has half his body in the stinking cat box! So I walked up right behind him.. kicked him the rest of the way in.. shook the box up really well .. and let him out.. I dont think the little turd burglar will be going any where near a cat box any time soon..

So I vacuum up the mess.. and no sooner did I get the machine put away and go into the bedroom for my slippers than Winston the littlest cat climbed up on my 1920's radio and gotten into the bowl that has sand in it to hold candles and made a mess .. sand every where.. what the hell was she trying to do .. build a MFin' sandcastle.. I dragged the vacuum back out.. sucked up the sand.. threw the dogs outside and Winston went and hid under the bed.. I was ready to just throw them all out today and never let them back in the house..

Its worse than little kids I tell ya! Cause you cant say .. You better clean that up or I will beat you just have to deal with it and wonder why in the world they would do something like that to begin with ..

Tomorrow has to be better right ?

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, December 06, 2004  


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