Monday, December 20, 2004


I have been suffering from a kidney infection for the past four days.. movement has been painful to say the least.. this one was /still is a humdinger!.. I am not sure how many of you want the details or even know what it feels like here is my best attempt to tell you .. this feels like.. if you move just the right way.. some one is taking a dagger and stabbing you in your lower back needless to say .. I havent done much of anything since thursday evening when this thing hit me ...still hurts but not near as much as it did friday morning.. I felt it coming thursday night and thought "it will be ok I will drink some juice and water and nip it in the bud" ... which usually works.. but not this time.. NOOOOOOOOO.. this one has knocked me on my ass....

I have too much to do to be laid up.. so I have been taking my meds like a good little girl..drinking my juice and water.. no coffee.. tea.. or citrus..of course I am still in pain.. and that is just that.. I just do things in small doses.. and bringing in wood for the fireplace has been funny .. one stick at a time LOL.......god how pathetic....I am just thankful this didnt happen on Market day .. .

My exchanges and swaps have been going well at Crchetville.. I have recieved many nice things this season .. this is what was sent to me by my holiday gift exchange pal shows me that people actually DO listen to what I like and dont like

Remember click the pic to make it bigger.. I am so in love with this.. I screamed when I opened the package.. the dogs thought I was insane..

That is what I am leaving you with... I need to go rest.. I will write more later ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, December 20, 2004  


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