Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Its Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

Well.. I am finally almost my self again .. this thing is still lingering a little but the pain I can deal with .. its at a level of just being irritating instead of down right painful..

I got my tree together and in a spot that looks nice so now I will show you what I can do with a bag full of pine cones.. a hot glue gun.. spray adhesive.. clear glitter and buffalo snow.. the result is this ...

As you all can see I even have most of my gifts wrapped.. any one that really knows me will think this is a miracle.. since last year I was wrapping presents literally 5 minutes before I was due someplace.. so I am ahead of the game....

I was also greeted this week by a nice package on my door step.. one I knew was coming.. just not this quickly and boy was I happy.. it was the one splurge I made on myself this season .... its recycled silk yarn from india... for those of you not in the know.. the recycled part means.. its is made from the left over threads when they are finished weaving sari silk fabric.. they then take the fibers and spin them into yarn.. its very nice and colourful....

This bunch of yarn will be made into a shawl for myself... *gasp* I know .. I know.. I am going to make something for me ...Its absolutely amazing isnt it? .. I am going to make my shawl to look like a butterfly.. and of course there will be pictures when I am finished..

Market is tomorrow.... and wouldnt you know it supposed to rain.. and wouldnt you also know older rich ladies dont like getting out in the rain.. so not trying to be negative... but .. I know tomorrow isnt going to be as great as I was hoping for.. on the bright side.. I went out tonight and bought some clear shower curtains to fashion sides to my pavillion so I wont get so wet this week.. and another good thing.. its supposed to be 66 tomorrow so at least I wont be wet AND cold.. so here is hoping I have brave shoppers tomorrow that NEED some last minute gifts...

I am so proud of me on this point too.. I have all the stockings up for he animals and I have the stuffers to go in them .. not like they know about Santa.. but I am not gonna give it away .. I think Cupcake still believes!!

I felt good enough yesterday to venture into Fayetteville to do a little shopping.. I passed a Target on the way in and thought I might stop there on the way back .. did I ? HELL NO.. on the way back the parking lot was FULL.. I mean people were parking what seemed to be a half mile from the place.. any where there is that many people.. I am staying away .. its not like I needed anything and couldnt wait.. I have just missed Target alot and wanted to visit .. but not under those circumstances.. noway!! The places I did venture to werent bad at all but I think it was partly because I got to them before noon.. I was up early and in town early .. and got home fairly early .. traffic wasnt bad.. and the worst thing that happened to me is I had to wait in line at Barnes and Noble.. for a little over 5 minutes.. so I should say it wasnt a bad day after all ..

Well.. I must leave you all for now.. I know.. you miss me bad when I am not here.. but there are things I have to get done by tomorrow.. like a dog sweater.. so .. with that .. I leave you til tomorrow !!

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