Wednesday, January 26, 2005

WIP Wednesday

You know some how I forget I do have friends that read my blog and have not the first clue as to what I am talking about.. It doesnt dawn on me they dont know this stuff.. I think every one knows every thing I know.. silly me.. I was bombed blessed with a few emails today asking.. and I quote .. "what the fuck is tunisian crochet?".. I guess you would have to know my friends .. anyway .. here is a picture showing a little of it.. the hook used and a WIP (work in progress) ...... so here you go .. worked in Tunisian Double Stitch

Also for your veiwing pleasure is the apple green bag I made with a Tunisian hook and a Tunisian Simple Stitch..

I have also decreed this to be Work In Progress Wednesday...

so here is what I have on the hooks..

* the dark green bag in tunisian crochet

* a spiral poncho in chocolate chenille and a nice variegated brown/peach/pink chenille (should be finished tonight thought)

* a couple secrets

* a wrap I started with a nice soft yarn I was traded ..

* I also have a few bags that need handles/straps

* I am in the middle of writing a pattern .. Deneen I promise I will get back to that as soon as I am finished posting here .. LOL ..

I know I am leaving something else out but cant remember what..

I was asked how I was going to make my beaded handles for my green bag on my last post.. the answer is.. I am not sure.. the idea you presented seems like a good one.. I have to see what kind of beads talk to me at the craft store.. I may end up with a leather and bead handle or maybe even hemp and beads.. just depends.. so I will cross that bridge when i get there..every one knows I am a fly by the seat of my pants type girl.. so its what ever strikes me at the moment.. .. I am off to finish that pattern..

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