Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Trying To Be Better

Trying to be better about posting.. I realize today I spend a good amount of time fucking off.. so what better time to blog than when I am taking breaks..

I thought more of you would chime in over my "Picture Pages" challenge.. but you didnt.. Naamah .. you got it partly right.. it WAS in fact done by Bill Cosby and I do believe the pen was a bee pen too.. Shar got the rest of it.. I was a segment on Captain Kangaroo... I do want to say .. my parents didnt let us ( me and my two sisters) watch much tv at all.. pretty limited to educational things.. so in the morning while getting ready for school we got Captain Kangaroo..Mutual of Omaha's WIld Kingdom was a regular watch in our house as was the movie presented by Disney on ABC on sunday evening at 6.. saturdays were treat day in our house.. we got to stay up late to watch "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" .. my mom would make us popcorn .. and sometimes we were even allowed a soda.. but that wasnt too often.. to this day I dont drink much soda.. sometimes she would make us caramel popcorn if we had been really good .. that was an awesome special treat.. we didnt get much junky food and I am glad of it now .. even though I am still overweight.. at least I dont eat bad things .. most of the time anyway .. I do have a weakness for Dorritos and onion dip.. and dark chocolate.. but I cant tell you the last time I had Dorritos.. the chocolate.. maybe once a week or so .. maybe less.. when I was little I was envious and often amazed at what my friends would have at their houses.. we didnt have presugared cereal nor did we have junk food.. so when I would go to someones house to stay the night and we had Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast .. chips and a sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner.. then other snacks and SODA later.. it was kind of weird for me.. I am glad my parents instilled better eating habits in us.. any way where was I going before I hit this bump of nostalgia along the way....

Oh yeah.. being better.. today I finished up my little bag I made with my secret pal yarn .. it was a ball of Reynolds Turnberry Tweed in colour number 67.. I used a Tunisian hook and just made a rectangle til I almost ran out.. then I finished my rectangle and sewed up the sides.. leaving a little on each side unsewn in hopes of a nice curl when I throw it in to be felted.. will show and tell when I get the washing done and my flashy beaded handles made.. and its MINE ALL MINE!! I cant believe I took the time to make something just for me .. I have been very busy .. bags .. ponchos.. shawls .. etc trying to restock since Christmas took out some of my stuff... if this bag turns out well I might have to try to track some more of this yarn and make myself a bigger bag..

I bought some knitting needles last night .. I am not sure what I am thinking.. but I want to try it .. the last time I did .. I was taught with super small needles and it wasnt so good.. took me way too long to get anywhere that way .. so I bought some size 17 needles.. purple aluminum and I am going to take another stab.. I think maybe this time my heart is really into it.. and if not.. I can always use my Tunisian hooks to make a knit stitch ..this technique was once called shepards knitting anyway .. so maybe I can fool myself and pretend I know how to knit anyway .. LOL .... I just want to learn all I can .. I crochet.. just started spinning and want to know how to knit .. there are somethings that just look better knitted.. I know I am faster with crochet and I can take my stuff with me with out having to take half the house.. I can put my crochet down and pick it back up with out being panicky about where I left off.. just another thing.. I like adding to the "Things I Can Do" list...

Lastly.. I will leave you with a bit of trivia I learned yesterday .. I learned why the keys on the keyboard are situated as they are.. in the olden days ( read days of manual typewriters .. of which I own a few and still love!) the keys were set up as thus to prevent the most used keys from sticking together as you typed quickly.. and since it was a standard to which every one was accustomed.. when the typewriter changed .. the key board did not.. there you go .. in case you didnt know.. and if you didnt know.. there is your one new thing you learned today ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, January 25, 2005  


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