Monday, January 24, 2005

Pictures and More

Every time I think of pictures and posting them this little song from my childhood pops into my head.. "Picture pages, picture pages .. time to get your picture pages.. time to get your crayons and your pencils!" I want to know who can tell me where that came from? And if you know... who actually DID the picture pages?

I have alot of catching up.. I promised pictures friday.. Saturday was my birthday.. so I kind of skipped it.. and then every time I have come to try to post lately Blogger has been a biznitch... so FINALLY tonight.. and I do have alot to say so please bear with me ..

Firstly.. I have alot to say about people expecting the people (like myself) having blogs they talk about specific crafts on.. (knit.. crochet .. photography.. etc) to ONLY talk about those things.. I feel this is a ridiculous expectation.. I mention this because I was on a board I go to every now and again .. a member said they hated it when they went to a blog that is supposed to be *insert craft here* and the owner of said blog posts about *gasp* other things like their life and politics(something I wont discuss here ... too hot a topic and I think that is a way personal subject) and whatever.. THEN this person went on about the blog owners *gasp again* cursing.. if I want to talk about three headed frogs and why they have nine eyes I will.. and if I want to fucking curse I will do that also.. because.. it is in fact my blog.. and one cant be expected to have separate blogs for every thing .. Hell .. I would spend my whole day doing nothing but trying to keep up with all my blogs.. I have a hard enough time doing that here.. so.. what I can say to people like that .. who actually expect all of us in Blogdom to strictly talk about what you have laid out in the ground work of your blog and to be Mary Poppins and never say a bad thing.. is... click the X .. thats right .. DONT READ MY BLOG... because I write in my blog strictly for myself.. If I happen to entertain some one along the way GREAT.. if I offend you .. that wasnt my intention but I say what I want , when I want.. I am not going to censor myself for a few people that cant take a curse word here and there .. and lastly.. if all I ever did was talk about crochet you ALL would be bored completely shitless.. I would bore myself.. and what fun would that be?? seriously.. get over it ... lighten up .. have a drink .. allow yourself to be entertained for fuck's sake instead of getting all worked up because the blogs you visit arent up to the standard you think they should be...

Now on to better things.. My trip home .. YAY.. I am finally getting to go .. I have a hard date set and will be leaving out of here the 2nd or so and will be home the 6th.. a few days at home will do me some good.. recharge my batteries so to speak and of course.. get all those late Christmas and Birthday gifts !!

The gift I have received and love is this :

Those are spindles for those of you not in the know.. they are used for making yarn.. it spins it .. I was so excited when I opened this up.. in the picture you see three different types of roving (that fluffy stuff in the back ground) the ecru is a natural wool, the darker grey is angora and the coloured one is another wool... I have been spinning in my break times from crocheting and have decided to take them with me to market making it one of my filler time activities.. from what I understood from reading the information sent wtih them .. the top whorl spindle.. (the one on the left) is for finer yarns and fibers like the angora and the bottom whorl is for heavier yarns like the wool.. I have only used the bottom whorl so far and have totally loved it !! I have visions of sheep and rabbits and goats when I get back home .. and making my own really nice yarns..

I have also been blessed by surprises from some of the nice gals over at Crochetville.. here are a few things I received right before my birthday ..

I was then gifted with my secret pal reveal package.. Deb was my pal and boy has she ever been generous to me .. the BEST pal a girl could ask for .. in my package I recieved a ball of Reynolds Turnberry Tween in a bright apple green .. a hand made birthday card.. a nice note included.. two tubes of Burt's Bees lip shimmer and one tube of Burt's lipbalm which I am totally addicted to and some passion fruit tea .. THANKS DEB! .. you have been the best !

As if you havent had enough already .. THERE'S MORE!!

The gratutious pictures of most of my animals.. some how Lily has evaded the lens of my camera since the last pictures of her.. so I leave you with these.. Tiger and Winston as they looked this evening when I went in my bedroom to retreive some yarn..

And my two dogs.. this is how they looked when I just went in to check the fire.. they ARE NOT supposed to be in the chair.. but I had not put there little doggie bed in front of the fire so .. I guess they thought it was ok to sneak.. and of course.. I couldnt be mad.. they looked so damned cute!

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