Friday, January 21, 2005

Catching Up

Ok.. I know I suck.. I have been bad.. in a good way bad though because I have been busy...

On the market front.. it sucked yesterday .. I didnt sell one thing while I was there.. but I had a lady pick up her special order today.. and that was ok .. but I had a bad time all around yesterday .. because you know .. I try to do the good and right thing most of the time and it just back fired on me.. so here is the low down

I went to a knit group a few weeks ago.. trying to meet new people that like what I like..the group was ok .. and I talked to one of the ladies there about coming to market cause she was a beginning knitter but did pottery and was looking for a place to sell her I gave her the skinny ..told her who to go talk to etc because I thought it would be nice to have another person at the market and because I thought it was the nice thing to do ..

Well.. I get to market yesterday .. I am setting up .. get my stuff all up .. she pulls in .. being the nice person.. I helped her with her canopy and getting her boxes out of the van etc... but left her to set up her display.. so I am sitting there admiring her work and watching her unpack..she gets finished with her pottery pieces and walks over to the van to get some other boxes and things.. well she starts to unpack them.. she starts pulling shawls and scarves out.. I couldnt believe it.. I was upset.. I would never do that to some one trying to help me.. no I dont have an exclusive BUT it was in bad taste in my book to try to hone in on some of my I give her the eye.. and keep watching.. she sits down.. I try not to act pissed off but I really am.. so I go over and ask her what the deal is .. and she explained that our stuff was not alike... hers was knit mine was crochet..(whatever the common person on the street doesnt know the difference its all yarn to them)... i rolled my eyes and walked off.. this is not something I normally do.. the rolling of the eyes or the walking off.. but I didnt want a huge scene in a place I was trying to make money..

So I go to the guy in charge .. he didnt know she was going to sell things like that.. when you put your application in you have to say what you are going to sell and if there are any changes you have to get approval.. she only had pottery down on her application.. my application says I do crochet and soaps and scrubs.. I havent done the soap and scrub thing yet but when I do .. I wont have to wait I can do that because I have already been aproved.. sooooo..he waits a little bit.. and then goes over and tells her calmly that she wasnt approved for selling things like that ..she will have to take them down and reapply and wait for approval and pay another fee because she wasnt straight with him on what she was he walks off and she glares at me the rest of the day AFTER she put her knit stuff away... so I wait..

When I have my stuff packed up and I am ready to leave ( you didnt think I would leave with out saying anything do you ??) I walk over and of course she has an attitude at this point.. and I just looked at her straight and said " You know.. I was trying to help you out and do the right thing by letting you know about this place.. and if this is the way you treat people that try to help you .. I would really hate to see the way you treat people that you didnt like..." I didnt give her a chance to say anything back.. I got in my vehicle and left...just disheartened.. but I know I tried to do the right thing.. too bad people cant just do the right thing instead of trying to take advantage..

On to better things...I have been so excited lately.. boxes showing up on my doorstep .. some surprises some not... more on that tomorrow.. I need to take some pictures to share.. but I have to say .. I like the fact I can trade yarn with people.. Its a nice thing.. they have something they dont want and its a colour or texture I can use.. and I have something they can use.. we send back and forth.. its GREAT!

I finally have a hard date for my trip home.. I am going to be leaving here two weeks from today !! YAY!! I can have late Christmas and birthday at home.. finally... oh well sometimes life just doesnt work with your schedule.. and you just have to make time.. I cant wait to see my nieces and nephew's face when they get their gifts.. its stuff they have wanted.. so I know they will love it.. it was so cute my youngest niece called me tonight and played pass the phone with my stepnieces and nephew.. it was nice .. a very nice surprise...a very nice and cute surprise! She asked me to bring Brutus home with me .. she loves that dog.. she would probably try to kidnap him if she thought she could get away with it.. the funny thing is they have a boston terrier too .. she just thinks Brutus is cuter ...

Well guys.. I am going to go.. Its picture day tomorrow .. I am going to bombard you all with pictures ... til then

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