Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Even though these are the wee hours of Thursday.. we are going to change the time before I post pretend i did this ontime .. .....

Lets see what I have going...

...still some super secrets.... shawl swap partners shawl....(you might get a sneak peek next week)

...I am smitten with the butterfly shawl over at Crochetville that Holly I have plans to start that.. just have to decide a yarn....

...I know this list doesnt seem like much .. but believe me the super secrets number about 6 so I AM busy!!

So you all get extra treats .. I am going to do Show and Tell tonight too .. woohooo!

first up.. I went to my LYS the other day Bella Filati...

Had to show the bag.. its is pretty .. the store is too .. while I was there .. I picked up this.. its Linie 60 Tondo.. I am hoping to make the open fan cardigan in the interweave crochet magazine out of the green. brown , and salmon in some creative way ..

so today right out of the shower.. I decide I am going to snap some pics of my finished stuff.. so I am looking sooooooooo hot you might want to only look at one at a time ..

here is the spiral poncho from the Lionbrand site..

I used a bigger yarn and a bigger hook than they called for.. actually yarn is two I wound together.. brown chenille and a variegated chenille in brown, peach, pink, purple... the fringe is the variegate and a thin thread like yarn I have that is the purplish colour with slubs of peach ..

next is a shawl.. I really like it.. made with a burnt orange chenille.. a tannish taupy chenille.. and the lighter colour is three strands of chenille in a flesh, gold, and variegated with gold brown and orange and flesh in it .. I scalloped the edge in leiu of fringe.. .I took a vote and the scallop won!

I have a pair of Frye boots about that orange colour I like to wear this with.. I get alot of compliments on it when I do wear it ..

Here is my little blue bag with its finishing touches on it ... off white felted cord and a wooden button .. simple but nice.. i think this bag would look good with jeans ..

I have been so intrigued by all the entrelac knit I have seen lately.. especially the market squares bag.. I was incline to buy this the other night .. to see if I can replicate the look in crochet..

The final picture tonight.. a small gift I found in my mail box yesterday.. I am not sure the giver wants to be recognized so I will leave it as .. a fairy godmother.. but its the cutest thing ever! .. I *heart* this dipping plate and spreader.. how could I not..? my name is indeed 3 Olives !!

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