Friday, February 04, 2005

Patience Is A Virtue....

just not one of mom always said this to me as a child.. patience is a virtue.. now that I am all grown up ... I am sure that it is just not for me .. some how I missed encouraging patience within myself along the way .. my older sister has the patience of a saint at times .. so I think my ration of patience was given to her.. because I am the most impatient person in the world (there are things I have all the patience with but not many and that only goes so far )... especially when it comes to waiting for something I want to get here.. right now .. that thing is my entrelac crochet how to book.. the visions of market squares bags keep haunting me in my dreams.. I want one.. NOW.. and its not like I dont have enough on my plate to keep me busy at all times.. I could crochet 24/7 and still not run out of things to do but I need want one more ! I think this stems from my project ADDjust liking to learn new things.. and of course I want to learn to knit.. and I will ... but I know to get good enough to do entrelac knit would just take too long and ten years from now that market squares bag is going to be really passe .... so I guess this is my version of taking the easy way out..learning to fake it with crochet.. not really fake it because this technique is done in tunisian crochet which was once known as shepard's knitting.. and it really is like knitting only you use one needle/ any rate I want my fucking book here NOW!!! not that I could start today anyway because I have many things to get completed before I take off to go home on Sunday..

One of these days I am seriously going to get organized and write down every thing I want to do and make a schedule.. RIGHT! who the hell am I kidding?? Even if I did make said schedule.. it would never work .. because the things I have scheduled myself to do wouldnt be what I *wanted* to work on in the said scheduled time.. then I would start feeling pressure.. and guilt about the written schedule and my lack of respect for it... then crochet would seem like work .. and I would just quit.. because once something becomes not fun to me I dont like doing it any more.. so .. no schedule.. sometimes I wish I had been born a few days earlier.. Capricorn.. all neat and tidy.. organized...then I take it all back and realize being an Aquarius is what I am all about anyway ( I did get a few Capricorn traits thrown in for free since I am born on the cusp).. I fly by the seat of my pants with a blatant disregard for what I "should" be doing ..marching to the beat of my own drummer ... very happily at that.. the exception to that is being on time.. I wish so hard I could be on time.. its just not in me (for work yes.. every thing else fageddaboutit) .. now.. if I could only get people to totally understand me .. wouldnt that be great! *sidenote* there are more Aquarius geniuses than any other sign...*another side note*.. Einstein didnt even know his phone number .. he had to look it up every time some one wanted it... that is a fact.. (man am I liking * today or what??)

The small things in life are what totally amuse me and make me happy .. take this.....

something as simple as this totally made my night... I was at the grocery doing that grocery thing .. I hate ...and what do I spy.. ORANGINA.. you may note the bottle is empty.. that is the way it came in the house because I couldnt contain myself enough to wait .. take the picture then drink it.. I had to drink it .. RIGHT THEN .. well when I got to the car anyway .. I fell in love with this drink the first time I went to Europe.. and let me tell you its not the easiest thing to find here... so when I do find it.. I get stupid.. especially when its the big bottle like this .. so I cracked that baby open and in the three minute drive home had it drained.. the only way that shopping trip could have been any better is if I could have found some Schweppe's Lemon soda.. I havent had that in ten years either and I am totally in love with it...wait .. its been *gasp* 14 years.. man times flies.. well I do take that back .. 14 years ago I first fell in love with it .. I have been back to Norway .. and I had it about 7 years ago.. havent had it since.. I *heart* that stuff.. I am not a serious soda drinker but if I found Schweppes Lemon any where near me.. I swear to god and all things holy that is all I would drink for weeks on end.. I dont think I could ever get tired of it.. EVER!..

man.. I have gone on and on about basically nothing today.. see .. this is what you get when I get up decently early and blog filled with caffeine.. scary.. have a great day every one !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, February 04, 2005  


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