Sunday, February 06, 2005

My Adventure Yesterday

Yesterday was yarn adventure day.. its where I travel over three hours to wander around my yarn seller's warehouse.. then I get to wander around touching stuff and looking and ooohing and ahhhing and of course find myself saying "i must have this" even though I know I have 200 pounds of yarn at home already.. so .. here is what I dragged home yesterday ...

I found some really nice things.. and super soft.. trying to get ready for spring and springy things.. even though my instinct is to buy colours I love and wear .. not every one likes those nor can wear them... and of course I made myself buy pink and peach stuff.. even though those are two colours that RARELY are seen on my body.. it seems lately or maybe I am just noticing this love of pink every where .. I will admit on some people its a nice colour and in small doses and jsut the right shade I have been known to wear it.. its just not something I seek out..I had to leave a cone of mohair that I wanted badly.. but the way I justified it.. is.. since it was so much .. how much more could I get with the money I spent .. and the answer was 6 more cones .. so I weighed my options and the more won over the pretty.. if it had been for personal use.. then the pretty would have won .. but I have to make a profit some where .. dont I? ....

I am leaving out for 4 days this afternoon .. I am going to leave here at about 4 and will get home at about midnight.. I lose an hour going back .. so that isnt too bad really .. I am usually up that late anyway .. gives me some time to get my stuff together tonight .. get a few things cleaned up around here.. and make sure I am not forgetting any thing.. that is always the sucky part.. getting down the road and realizing that you forgot smething that was kind of important..

I will be really nice to see my family and friends.. I havent been home since October.. this is going to be a nice relaxed visit.. because I have only told a few people and my family I will be home.. I know that sounds terrible but if I dont do it this way I come home way m ore tired than when I left because I will have been on a constant go level.. and I dont like that at all !

I hate feeling stressed and pressure.. this is supposed to be my break.. and you know for the life of me I dont understand some people that get mad over this.. but my theory is this.. if they really missed me and wanted to see me that badly THEY could make the trip here.. so I dont wear myself on my visits.. I do exactly as I please because it is MY time I am taking to do these things.. and as in aforementioned posts..I dont like a schedule nor do I like to be pressured.. especially when its my relax time ..

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