Monday, February 07, 2005


ok.. I have been on the phone all morning.. first call was to BMW.. and before I go any further.. I think I need to clear something up.. I dont have a BMW..I have a Mini Cooper..but I have to deal with BMW for all my Mini stuff..

I talked to Jeph(pronounced like Jeff) in the service department.. very nice guy.. he explained to me ( and the sales man should have as well and maybe he did but I was so excited about my car I didnt hear him ) that the tires on my car are performance tires because I have the S version of the Mini which is a performance car...and the tires on my car were only rated for about 20K miles..he also explained they were a softer rubber because they were performance tires..and I wasnt the first person who had called and brought this issue up...and as I said I was probably told and in the excitement let it go in one ear and out the other... I went and checked my odometer.. I have 27,860 miles on my car.. so I considered myself lucky to get that many miles out of those tires.. they still have a little life in them...but not a road trip life left...Jeph even went so far as to tell me that since my Mini came with roadside.. I shouldnt worry about the run flats and get a better all season tire for less because roadside would come rescue me if I had any kind of problem.. and if it made me feel better just have a can of fix a flat in the boot for precaution...

So being the cynic that I am .. I got off the phone with Jeph and immediately called a tire dealer here in town and talked to a very pleasant but very southern Steve... he again said the same thing Jeph did about my tires.. they were performance tires.. soft rubber.. not made for extended driving etc etc.. made almost the same suggestion about the less expensive tires.. so that being said.. I will be getting new tires soon .. will keep you all posted on what I go with... Probaly a goodyear or something of that sort..

Just wanted you all to be updated..

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