Wednesday, February 16, 2005

WIP Wednesday and Some Nostalgia

woohooo... I didnt wait til after midnight and then change the time forget work in progress Wednesday this week .... this week I feel a little more organized..

so whats on the hooks this week ?

I can say I actually completed two butterfly wing shawls .. wo0t

so in progress..

I have ..

... a bed jacket for me cause I just didnt want to wait.. but its not in the Elann yarn.. its a yarn I picked up on my last trip.. a very nice soft yarn.. I want to actually work one through to see how it works out before I use "my" yarn.. and of course to make sure I have enough.. and tweek the pattern.. If I ever followed a pattern to the T when it came to something for me.. I would be amazed !!

... another shawl...

... a bag in the works..

... a wrap on my tunisian hook..

... designing a jacket...

.. still working on my swap shawl.. I think that will be my mission tonight.. get it done and pieced together..

...some spring stuff in lighter yarns and more delicate..

I look busy dont I? I think I need to find some help to do all that daily stuff I hate ... like clean the cat box and vacuum !

.. so .. went to the mail box this afternoon.. NEW CATALOGUES! .. I love new catalogues.. they make my day.. I get to look through and see what is coming in and going out.. its always nice..

As I was flipping through the new Victoria's Secret Shoe Book.. I was reminded of my childhood .. god that seems so far away .. and of the first time I coveted a pair of shoes... I have always loved shoes and boots.. ALWAYS... there were times I would buy shoes and eat rice for a week because I HAD to have those shoes..I digress.. I opened the the shoe book and started to flip through and RIGHT there on page 43 (click here if you dont have the catalogue) I was reminded of my first envious thoughts about shoes...

Those Candies sandals were my first real want in the shoe world.. of course my older sister had a pair JUST like that..they were called slides then and I was 12.. so my Mom would never let a 12 year old wear a shoe like that.. it would be I literally begged my mom for slides.. I HAD to have slides.. I was gonna die if I didnt get slides.. EVERY ONE had slides.. and I didnt .. I just knew the rest of my life was going to be shit if I didnt get those slides!! I ended up with a pair very similar to These I am sure my mother got them for me just so she didnt have to hear about fucking slides the rest of her life.. I am convinced she would have probably never bought me shoes like that but I am a persistant person to say the least.. I am sure I had her convinced I would become some crazed serial killer if I didnt have slides ...let me tell you .. I wore those slides with EVERYTHING for the next month..... so that my friends is my first vivid recollection of my lust for a pair of shoes..

In all honesty.. I probably own about 75 pairs of shoes.. and another 75 pairs of boots.. all assorted styles .. heel height.. colours.. there is nothing that can cheer me up better than a new pair of shoes.. well except a new lipstick.. or some yarn.. shoes are top on the list though.. I wont get into my lipstick addiction codependancy habit.. I will suffice it to say.. I probably have as many tubes of lipstick as I do shoes and boots combined... I can tell you there are ALOT worse ways to spend money LOL .. and you know there is just something about a $3 tube of lipstick that can totally make my day when its been rough.. of course the darker the better.. I have large pouty lips.. so in my opinion.. I think they look best in dramatic colours.. ... I will save my lipstick thing for another post.. but let it be known.. a tube of Burt's Bees Lipbalm in shimmer and a new pair of shoes is equal to nirvana!

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