Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Acts Of Martini Madness

Its been martini madness around here.. I received several martini themed RAOK's over the past weekend.. here is my picture then I will explain the goodies..

Before I start...let me say these things came from four differernt sources..First.. you will notice.. a set of 4 olive embroidered beverage napkins!! SO CUTE!.... second.. there are 3 yes count them 3 book thongs done in the martini theme.. the giver even made the "olives" have pimentos.. these are AB FAB in my book !! (no pun intended)....the martini stamp.. OMG.. I wanted to run out today and get some blank stationary just so I could stamp some stuff.. I didnt.. but I reallllllllly wanted to.....and last there are Kool Aid packs.. YES!! just the thing I needed for that 3 and a half pounds of natural wool yarn I just ordered.. I am going to be a dyeing fool!! My house will reek of vinegar and various fruit flavours for days.. I dont care.. I cant wait to make some fabulous hand painted yarn!! SO THANK YOU ALL ... FOR YOUR KINDNESS... I love every thing I have recieved!! and of course you can never have too many martini or olive things around your house.. !!

I finished up the throw I started last night .. It is the 5 and a half hour throw from the Lionbrand website... tres easy! and it really didnt take 5 and a half hours.. that might be because I used an S hook and not a Q so I had less stitches to make.. I also used 4 yarns held together instead of the 2 strands of jiffy they suggest.. I held an olive chenille (super bulky @ 300 ypp) , an earth coloured silk blend (the dark brown in the picture not sure of the weight about a worsted) a rayon chenille in mango (the flesh coloured strand in there 1400ypp) and a nubby natural coloured cotton for some texture ( approximately 2000 ypp) I think the colour combination and the texture combination turned out really nice.. this is going to be a birthday gift for a friend..

I can say.. I always love it when a project takes less time than anticipated.. simply because I always misappropriate my time.. I never get it right.. I have never been right on the money .. its usually the thing takes more time than I thought .. this is especially true with driving.. I have a few friends that will attest to that.. I have been getting more real about time in my older age.. but I dont think I will ever get it completely right .. always late when I shouldnt be or early when its not convenient.. go figure.. LOL .. oh well.. at least I keep things interesting and my sisters have won bets on what time I will show.. at least I am consistant!

I have a few other things to show and tell.. but alas .. they will have to wait til tomorrow .. its getting late !! Where does the time go!!

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