Thursday, February 17, 2005

Early Mornings ....

I think I need to start some legislation.. making it illegal to call any one's home before say NOON!! I am not a morning person.. many of you know that already.. so when my phone rang at 8.05 this morning.. I was expecting some bad news on the other end.. it wasnt.. not even important.. so I promptly cursed out the telemarketer.. and went back to sleep...I know that most normal people are up at 8 and at work already.. not me.. I am usually up to about 3 or 4.. then I sleep in.. I am just dreaming really well by 8... at any rate I asked to call them back AT HOME at 2 am.. they were really offended by this request.. because they would be sleeping.. so .. I said.. " What the fuck do you think I was just doing?" and hung up!

On the busy front.. I have worked all day on my prototype bed jacket.. after three starts I am seriously on the way .. I am on the sleeve section now and hope to be finished with it tomorrow.. as well as the swap shawl I have going.. I have been on a path as of late with my stuff.. It feels good to get things done...I want to get my colourful butterfly done too .. with my silk yarn.. I guess I feel I can reward myself if I get some stuff done.. I can actually justify in my mind making something for me ..

I went to the library here today.. two whole books on crochet.. both CRAP.. what a gip! Other than that.. for a small town library its pretty nice.. I am still on a search for an old crochet book.. when I find it or am able to get one.. I will be so glad...

ok back to the jacket!!

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