Friday, February 25, 2005

Cheese Hater........

I ran into a lady today.. made some small talk while waiting in line at the supermarket.. she hates cheese.. not lactose intolerant.. she actually said "I hate ALL cheese"... how can you hate every cheese? I want to know.... how can you say you hate all cheese.. my god .. does she know what she is saying..?? I mean there are literally hundreds maybe even thousands of different cheeses.. how can you hate them all ? And if you hate cheese.. how do you eat pizza? I cant imagine not liking pizza... that is just WEIRD!

I finally figured out why I have felt like a flaming assed bitch the last couple days.. I had lost track of the moon phase.. its been a full moon.. I should have known.. or maybe.. I am just a bitch.. and I am just blaming it on the next best thing.. who knows.. !

On the crochet front.. I finished the AbFabKnockoff ...I used this
Soft and Easy Afghan Pattern and about 20 or so different weights and textures of yarns...

so here is the finished thing...

I have started another in a Mardi Gras kind of theme.. it has mohair and sparkles.. I am hoping to have it done tomorrow ..

so I need to go work on that tonight.. so I leave you with this short sweet entry in hopes you forgive me for wanting to be productive

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, February 25, 2005  


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