Monday, February 21, 2005

The $%&#@*! Jacket..

Of course it isnt that bad .. nor was it that bad to work on.. just seemed never ending.. of course if I were smaller .. I am sure it would have taken less time to make...

I made this pattern with a few adjustments.. I made seven rounds on the collar instead of five and increased the chains on the last two rounds.. on the sleeve .. I made them longer and the same increase in the last two of the five rounds I made on the ends... with a yarn I had on a cone but its the softest(softer than say Bernat Cottn Tots) nicest yarn ever.. even though I cant tell you who made it or its fiber content..I can tell you its a nice colour way with ice blue.. butter yellow.. tan and ecru... so with out further ado .. the jacket I have been grousing about all weekend..

of course this picture makes it look uneven and its not.. I am just too lazy to stage another picture.. and this was good enough for government work .. so I left it..

I am sharing this next picture with you because I think it is one of the best most recent pictures I have.. and frankly I dont have much more to talk about

It shows off my second love behind martinis.. cigars... I absolutely love a good cigar .. especially with an extra dirty martini(three olives, OF COURSE!!) .. and some good conversation about anything except politics or religion.. cigars should not be wasted on heated discussions like that.. they are to be savoured .. enjoyed.. loved... and relaxing...

and because I dont have much more to talk about .. I leave you with this picture of me and hope it placates you til I can be more witty ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, February 21, 2005  


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