Monday, February 21, 2005

Instant Karma

As I sit here with a little smirk on my face.. I can say I totally believe in Karma.. what goes around comes around... I also believe that you get what you put out into the Universe.. so if what you happen to put out is resentful spiteful hateful behaviour that is exactly what you are going to get in return... so this brings me to a little story.. that some of you know already and some of you dont and I apologize now to some of you because its going to be vague and if you have no idea.. you wont know what the deal is anyway..I also have to say I have not revelled in this too much because basking in some one else's misfortune is not exactly nice either ... even if it is deserved

BUT... I have to smirk a little because out of spite some one snagged a roving on ebay that was pointed out to me specifically ...then she lied about how she knew about it .. so the best part is .. once she got it.. it was scratchy.. you have to LOVE instant Karma... you just HAVE to .. why was she being spiteful.?. because I simply pointed out the truth to her.. and she didnt like what I had to a matter of fact she didnt like it so much she removed it from where I wrote it.. and in her reply to me she didnt even address the issues I pointed out .. she tried to turn it back on me..

I dont and wont apologize for the way I am .. I am honest and I stand up for what I believe in .. if in fact the truths I point out to you sting a little bit then that is life.. I know there have been many times the truth has been laid out for me.. no I didnt like it sometimes.. yes it has been known to sting.. BUT I am an adult and I own my actions..if I had it to do again would I ? yes of course I would because the fact of the matter is .. the behaviour that was pointed out was childish and deceitful.. and if that person cant own her actions .. then that doesnt seem to be my problem does it? .. or maybe .. as in the case of the roving it is .. because I miss out.. or maybe I didnt miss out because it was scratchy after all ...

I am honest.. blunt.. and sometimes short.. but the thing about me is no one ever has to worry about where they stand with me because I am upfront with that also... and for the most part .. I wont say something behind your back that I wouldnt have the balls to say to your face.. I try to be tactful... I wont say I try to be nice because sometimes its just not possible... I try to use my words in the best possible way .. but there are some instances that no matter how hard one tries... Its just going to sound bad.....

Sometimes along the way toes get stepped on .. feelings get hurt.. and others get mad.. but the bottom line is .. once its thought through ... I was only telling the truth.. and as much as I would like the truth to be nice and neat and easy .. its just not always like that.....Its hard being like this.. I do say what I think .. I am very opininated.. but think if it like this.. I am always the one people come to when there is a situation that isnt always pleasant.. because they know I can handle it... I can take it .. and I will do my best trying say what needs to be said.. with that comes alot of different things.. sometimes I end up the bad guy.. the hated one.. the "bearer of bad news".. I dont always particularly like doing these things.. but sometimes it has to be done...

I have been very introspective today.. I have been told many times " I wish I were more like you when it comes to just saying things".... well any one can be more like me.. you just have to realize in that comes being responsible ... you cant always know how some one is going to take what you have to say .. and you have to be prepared for people not to like you sometimes.. I am not always the most popular person but I can say I am the most honest...

I am not perfect.. as a matter of fact I am very flawed.. I dont sit on a high horse and look down .. I am right there in the masses with every one else.. I try not to be judgemental but damn its hard.. and I am at times.. I am one of those people..... life is very black and white with few grey areas .. I either like you or I dont.. there is really no in between.. and if I dont .. you can be assured .. I just wont talk to you .. sounds harsh .. but I would rather it be that way than to ever be fake about anything...

I guess in the end it all comes down to owning your actions and knowing you are really the only person responsible for them.. you cant control any one else but you .. ..

wow deep entry today .. you guys know I am usually full of wit and sarcasm.. but today I have been very reflective.. and I decided to let you all know a little about what goes on in my head.. (that is right I said a little .. cause there is usually lots going on in there considering all the voices LOL ..okokokok.. you didnt think I could go a whole post with out a little laugh did you ??)

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, February 21, 2005  


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