Tuesday, February 22, 2005

OK Enough Already


Believe it or not .. the cigar picture made quite an impression on some of you .. for those that bombed me with email..

why YES.. I do know that smoking is bad for you .. I am 35 and I am very well informed.. I made it this long through life.. I think I did quite well for myself.. I find it funny I got bombed with mail about this however...not one person has warned me of the down side of drinking.. and my whole blog is covered in a martini theme... Also while I am on this tangent.. I dont smoke a whole box of cigars a day! .. I smoke maybe one a week... ONE!!! and I dont inhale.. you arent supposed to inhale cigars..

So all of you out there concerned for my health.. should be more concerned with all the second hand smoke I had to inhale for years working in a restuarant as a server and not my one cigar a week "habit" if you can even call it that LOL.....if i even smoke one a week.. ... it would be totally different if I were polluting some one else's air.. but I am not ... just my own..

Then there are the rest of you that had to ask if I knew how phallic a cigar looks... well DUH.. come on guys give me some credit here.. I like to think I have a few brain cells....I smoke them for me.. if guys happen to like it.. well that is fine.. if you want to approach me and talk about cigars I will be happy to do so.. if you ever see me out smoking please come on over and have a seat.. as a matter of fact I love talking about cigars.. and martinis...BUT under no circumstance will I talk about other things that smoking a cigar may or may not look like with a perfect stranger.. so dont email me and ask those questions either.. I will not answer you ...

on to better things.. I found a throw I liked.. I am sure some of you have seen it.. the Absolutely Fabulous Throw by Colinette.. I cant bring myself to pay 185 dollars for yarn for one project... I couldnt do it so I took my own approach to it..

here is what I have so far ..I went a little wild with colours but I like it.. I think I need some mohair thrown in there for good measure...

well that is what I am off to work on now.. have a great evening every one !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, February 22, 2005  


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