Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Handy Helpers and RAOK

so.. as you all know.. I am hand dyeing yarn.. and making hanks with out a swift is kind of a tedious process.. and time consuming.. so... I went on a search .. I decided I was not paying that kind of money for a swift.. at least not yet... because all I am doing is winding hanks off cones.. I do not need adjustable.. for now anyway .. I just need something to serve my purpose and fairly quick.. so.. I put my brain to work .. I found this site ....but I really didnt need the clamp so this is what I came up with ..

I took the stand I use to hold my cross stitch and figured out a way to attach my version of the swift from that site... its not adjustable .. but it works and for a grand total of 5 dollars I have something that serves my purpose.. I made a quick trip to Lowe's and bought.. 1 carriage bolt 1/4" X 4" ...2 wingnuts to fit the bolt... 2 nylon sleeves .. 3/8" opening and an inch long....and one 1" x 2" x 36" piece of pine..2 L brackets 3" long.... 2 washers ....I brought my supplies home.. cut 6" off the board.. for the piece to clamp in the holder .. I drilled a 3/8" hole in the center of that piece of board and the longer board for the bold to fit thru.. I spaced my L brackets 24" apart and screwed them into the board ... I placed a washer on the bolt put it thru the longer piece of wood...put the sleeves on and placed it thru the shorter piece of wood and placed a washer and wingnut on the end.. clamped it in my holder and this is the result..

there is a close up of the way it all fits together.. it works for me .. I am happy with the result...

Now on to the good stuff.. the postman dropped off 2 packages for me yesterday .. one was from Burfica my trusty Avon lady ... yes I realize she is in AZ and I am in NC.. but I dont care.. she takes care of me and the money goes to some one I care about..

The second package... a totally random RAOK.. the box contained a large ball of olive coloured (what seems like rayon) chenille.. yummmm....2 balls of creme coloured yarn that is wrapped with a golden thread... and a bazillion packs of Kool Aid.. and some mini tootsie pops that didnt make it to the photoshoot cause I ate them ! .. Also inside .. was the best note.. it just made my day to think I actually inspire some one.. that is a great feeling ...

Box Contents:


Just totally nice stuff.. it was a nice addition to my day yesterday to say the least.. !!! Thank you .. whoever you are !!!

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