Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm IN!! I'm IN!!

I guess I shouldnt be shouting too loudly .. my text is still fucked toward the bottom of my blog.. but at least I am here and can post.. so I should be thankful for that.. I went back and checked my archives are good .. just seems to be this page of entries that went wrong.. whatever.. I am not going to bang my head trying to fix it.. it can stay that way .. I really dont care.. OK.. well I do care.. just dont know enough about the way computers work or this thing works to make it any better)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO.. with all that being said.. I have alot of catching up to do ... besides spending what seemed like eternitymost of the past three days banging my head into my computer desk wishing blogger would stop being a cold hearted biznitch.. I actually got alot accomplished..

First.. I have a couple thank yous..

First to
Amy who found these great little refridgerator magnets and sent them to me.. I really needed a pick me up this week .. its been a little weird around here and this did the trick.. I dont know how she knew I had a thing for magnets.. but I sure love them..

and Secondly to
Beth who sent the little post-it like pad with martinis and olives.. I love this little pad .. thanks for reading me Beth .. and honestly when I opened the envelope and saw the writing.. I swear to you .. I could have written that card.. our handwriting is oddly alike.. I will have to send a note back to you so you can see.. it was kind of freaky in a good way .. made me want to think if we ever met we would be fast friends..

So THANKS girls.. its been a hellish week and this was the little pick me up I needed..

So on to what I have been doing.. dyeing .. that is what I have been doing .. dyeing and more dyeing and tonight when I get my ass out of this chair I will be doing even more ..

I bought some wool boucle on Ebay just for this purpose.. almost 4 pounds of it .. and man have I been having some fun .. I have used Kool AId.. I have used Easter egg dye and I have used food colouring.. you know the kind you get in the spice aisle in the little squeeze bottles.. both the regular and the neon version.. I have gotten the most vivid results with the Easter egg tablets.. to my surprise.. so every one knows where I will be the day after Easter scoring dye tablets for half off to feed my dyeing addiction! ..

So here are some of the results from my first round of dyeing...

Then I got a wild idea about dyeing the yarn with it all wound together still on the ball instead of pulled out onto hanks.. this was the result...

Also .. here is what a ball looks like wound.. and then with it ready to be put in a hank after its unwound.. so you can see the colour variations as it would be ...

hehe See.. I told you I have been busy .. !! So I leave you tonight with pictures of a taste of spring.. a cute bouquet I recieved.. looks as good from the front as it does the back .. I can see myself using the little bunny vase over and over..

PS.. to all of you that I still owe answers .. I will answer your questions tomorrow... I didn t want to over load every one with information tonight !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, March 12, 2005  


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