Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where To Start

I am here.. I guess that is a start.. I havent been here because I am not one to air my business just so people can say "Awwwww.. it will get better" I hate that.. and I hate being a downer.. so I decided to say nothing.. then an email dropped in my box today and asked if I was ever gonna blog again.. So.. here I am .. being a downer.. blogging ..

I guess I am officially on the Easter Bunny shit list.. if there is such .. because I didnt recieve a single black jelly bean.. the only thing I really look forward to this time of year.. oh well.. I guess I really didnt need them anyway ..

I have made a bag.. one bag.. in a week .. wow.. I am flying right along.. and its not even a big bag.. I suppose if I quit sleeping 14 hours a day .. I might have time for something else.. just doesnt seem I can pry my ass out of bed..

SO.. here is my bag.. its bright .. cheery .. and *insert huge gasp here by those that really know me* Pink..

I made the Fleuri bag from the latest Crochetme.. in wool.. fulled it.. lined it with a cute designer fabric.. cause i loved the bird and wanted the inside to be pretty too .. made a wrist strap from a green mohair blend by using my I-cord maker and then making two braids and twisting them..

so with out further ado here is the cheeriest part of my blog today.. I promise there will be more when i return to my usual snarky state..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Thursday, March 31, 2005  


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