Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Work Work Work

Wow.. I never thought getting this website stuff done would be so much work and I am not even making the site.. some one else is building it.. but there are many questions to answer.. many things that need be thought out .. that of course had I even tried to do this myself I would have never thought of and my site would suck... so glad to leave it to some one that knows what they are doing....Just getting inventory up is kicking my ass..

There are many things involved with that too .. pictures.. and some how I thought this would be a simple thing... but the more I think about it .. the clearer it becomes .. that it is NOT simple at all but highly complicated.. SO.. I have been finding models for my work.. bribing them with crochet to do my site....seemed better to barter than to pay cash ... which is working out.. BUT more work LOL on top of the load I have.. but that is ok .. in the interim of finding models etc.. the manager at the gym said I could come set up there one night a week .. SCORE!!! free advertising AND a way to make a little cash..

That also brings me to yesterday.. was the official start of a new page for me.. I am going to go to the gym every day .. I walked there and back yesterday and did 12 miles on the bike.. I had high hopes of getting up early today to do my Body Flow class.. but .. didnt quite make it.. that is ok though .. once I am finished here.. I will be walking down and doing my work out.. the walk by the way is 2 miles each way ...so a total of 4 miles walked just to get there and back .. then burning more calories.. its difficult for me to give this time up from "production" so I take a little project to work on while I am on the bike.. makes the time go faster and I am getting something done.. I hope this bit of getting out and doing something brings me out of this complete funk I have been in .. I am hoping by next week .. I have gotten back on some sort of a schedule.. baby steps.. I am going to the gym and will work on getting my schedule on some sort of track.. I need to be up before noon.. end of story...I have to stop sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night.. its really not good for me ....I think its making my mood even worse.. I just have been using sleep as an escape to not deal with stuff..

So tonights goal is to try to get some tote bags designed and maybe cut out and started.. I am going to do a prototype and send it to a friend that is a knitter and crocheter so I can see where my design might need to be tweaked.. It should not be too hard to make a bag for each .. crocheters and knitters and maybe something for the person that does both regularly .. that is why I am having some one test one for me... I think this will be a good addition to my line of accessories I will have to offer.. I have also been thinking of making kits but need some feedback on that.. would some one really want a whole kit.. pattern .. yarn ... needles /and or hook and notions (handles buttons thread).. or just pattern and yarn and notions? or just pattern and hook or needles? these are the kinds of things I have been torturing myself with LOL ...and believe me there has been plenty to think about and toture myself with .. especially the whole .. am I crazy( or crazier might be a better word) for even trying this stuff ? I guess if I dont try I will never know if I will succeed or fail.. so at least I can say I tried..

AND on top of this.. the secret pal project is trotting right along.. been looking for some beads to finish it off.. I dont even know if my pal reads my blog .. I dont think she does.. but if she does.. she will be getting a sneak peek at her package soon.. cause as soon as I get the project done .. I am boxing it all up and sending it out..

ok every one .. I am off to the gym.. have a great afternoon !

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