Wednesday, April 06, 2005

RAOK...Wisteria...and a Bag!

I guess there comes a time when every one has to take a step back.. evaluate the situation.. and come up with a solution to what you have to do .. what you need to do and what you want to do.. and sometimes none of those things are the same.. sometimes you get three different ends ... and then it comes time to be real.. I have had to do that with myself the last couple weeks( actually the past couple of months).. Its been really hard... I have had to really look inside for some answers to some things.. I have had to do somethings that werent necessarily pleasant.. I have had to admit things that I didnt even want to admit to myself....and I have had to tell those things to other people.. that has been the hardest thing of all.. because.. I think I can handle every thing! I think I dont need any help.. I think its all going to be ok .. until I find myself in a bottomless pit and have to ask for help out.. this of course is afer I have been offered help and I was too stubborn to take it.. actually the truth be told.. I was so far in denial I wouldnt take it because god forbid I have to admit there was anything wrong...then the people that offered the help just dont get it because I am so good at hiding what is really going on.. its hard to fathom I might need some help.. totally understandable.. the part about all of this I regret most.. some one other than myself has gotten hurt.. actually more than one person.. which brings me to this .. I totally suck at dealing with things related to myself that I have to actually ask for help to make all of you (and you know who you are) I have hurt inadvertantly.. I sincerely apologize.. all of you that dont know what I am talking about.. trust me .. you are probably better off not knowing..

SO.. on a brighter and better note.. cause my momma did raise me to have manners.. I have a couple of thank yous .. I was gifted twice last week with some absolutely adorable martini themed items.. which is great because I have decided my website is going to be Three Olive Designs.. more on that later..

First there are the realllllllllly cute olive coasters.. very functional and nice...then some one took the time to make a little needle point martini wall hanging .. its hanging right beside my desk... as well as the black coaster being used on my desk.. so both of you RAOK'ers.. YOU ROCK! ...

The next thing I have to share.. well.. you all know I dyed a big bunch of wool.. etc.. so I took my favourite hank last night and whipped out this little wrist bag.. seems to be all the rage.. but I wanted mine a little longer so my checkbook would just kind of lay in there as well as a pair of sunnies.. so this is what came out of my little 125 yard hank of yarn... I think Its cute but the next one I do will have more of a lip on it than this one.. the pitfalls of only doing ONE skein in a certain colour way .. lesson learned!

Also.... I think I may add a little button .. probably a little wooden one to the front with a loop just to hold this closed since I didnt get a bigger overlap..

The last pic of today is what I see when I go out my side door and look up slightly.. this weekend will bring the full effect to the area.. It will smell and look like spring.. but not before we get and I quote my weather forecast " strong violent thunderstorms" tomorrow.. market day.. not for me of course.. dammit! I digress.... wisteria...

If that isnt enough to lift my spirit slightly .. I dont know what is.. I do miss my lilac.. but at least this was the year it wasnt going to bloom anyway .. it only blooms every other year but when it does.. man.. does it smell good ... I could open my windows and could smell it all the way inside my bedroom window.. and that bush was half way out my back yard.. its in an odd place and I thought about moving it but decided to leave it where it was.. that plant was probably over 25 years old..

SO .. to the website.. I have a friend still working on it.. which is fine because I have not gotten my inventory built up the way I want anyway .. but in the near future I will be unveiling it to you all... there will be crochet items for sale.. hand dyed yarns.. and maybe even some other sewn goodies... like tote bags and hook cases.... not to leave out the knitters.. I will be making needle sleeves and totes designed to hold a knit project too .. I have even had some requests to start doing those cute clay hooks.. that is on a back burner.. I will have to get up and running and then see what I can do about that.. rest assured.. I am going to try to have variety .. and I will even have an option for special orders .. in case you dont see something you like.. or there is something you want maybe in just a different colour.. I am very excited and busy at the same time.. so I havent had time to really stress over this being a success or not.. only time will tell.. at least it keeps me busy right ?

have a good rest of the night kids!

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