Saturday, April 09, 2005

Late Night Ebay Shopping

Ok.. the title really says it all doesnt it?.. its Deneen's fault..really.. all her fault for showing me where to get purse handles on line at a decent price.. especially thru ebay.. DAMN YOU !.. I ended up with .. well lets just say a BUNCH of handles that will keep me busy for some time ..

Of course once I get them and make stuff I will be happy .. and you all will get to see what I did with them..

I have been slaving today on my secret pal's reveal items.. I dont think she reads this.. but if she does.. I bet she is gonna like it!!! AND .. when I get it done.. I am gonna tease every one that wishes they were my pal cause right as I send it off.. I am going to take a picture.. and make every one wonder if its for them.. I know.. I am terrible.. the small things that bring me pleasure in this life!

I have to give a shout out for my girl Kirsten at DomestiGirl .. she is doing the Revlon Run/Walk thing in LA..May 7th the money goes to cancer reaserch.. outreach programs and therapy... its one of the biggest fundraisers of its kind.. she is not only participating.. but having a little raffle if you make a donation!.. I would have donated with out the incentive.. but afterall... she tempted me with roving what was a girl to do?.. so go on over.. make a donation and feel good about doing some good.. I can wait.....

OK.. you're back? .. what is worse than dog farts? .. I will tell you .. a fucking little cat in heat.. howling around your house rubbing her ass on anything she thinks might help.. climbing the screens on the doors trying to attempt escape and just being down right annoying.. I know.. I know.. its my fault.. I havent had her fixed.. and I need to .. there have been other things that have garnered precedence .. like shopping for bag handles on eBay.. I swear.. if the vet were open this late she would have been fixed by now.. cause I seriously dont think about it til late at night.. and you know how I feel about mornings already..

I have been one busy little bee lately.. what with trying to get my inventory up for my site.. trying to get some cash flowing because I havent been able to make market lately because of the weather.. I have a friend here .. we have hatched a little plan.. every one is going crazy over the stuff we make.. even crazier over the yarns.. we are going to embark upon a venture.. a little mobile yarn store if you will.. I have enough stuff in my stash..I am dyeing stuff like a crazy girl.. I am blending yarns like a mad woman.. and so is she.. we are going to get boxes of hanks and balls of custom blended yarns and start selling them at craft shows and the flea market in well as our ready made things.. and If I can get a couple patterns made .. and if she can get hers down.. we are going to make kits too .. look at us go!.. this on top of every thing else.. I should be crazy by summer's end.. certifiable.. cause I am pretty close as it is .. you know!

At any rate.. at least I have a plan.. I dont really want a real 9 to 5 job so as long as I can make it like this ... I wont have to .. the best part is.. I can do what I want when I want except for show days .. then I have to be up early and drive... but you know.. that is better to me than punching a damned time clock... anyday !! I love having a creative outlet that lets me make money too .. life is good!

Also kids.. a new goodie.. to tempt you into spending money.. (yeah they take paypal) .. the new button in my sidebar.. free silver jewelry.. you pay 5.99 for shipping.. click from here they give me a small little kick back .. not too shabby for just having a button on your blog.. and the offer changes every 15 minutes.. another thing for the addict in all of us..

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