Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fun Stuff....

Well.. I have had a fun filled day.. ok.. not really but its been interesting..

I heard my dogs going crazy this afternoon and went to the door.. this is what I found when I opened it.. well ok .. its after I opened the box..

That's right.. MY HANDLES .. from eBay .. I cant say enough good things about this seller.. I placed my order LATE saturday night.. I received a consolidated invoice early sunday morning.. dashed a paypal payment to them.. my package went out monday and got here today .. what service.. service is a big thing to me.. I couldnt believe they were here this fast! and I am more than pleased with the things I bought.. they are even better in person ...

AND over the weekend I received this mysterious gift.. no note.. no card .. nothing but a box on the doorstep saturday .. I almost didnt open them because I thought surely it couldnt be for me.. but I did and they were !

So today I have been busy winding hanks of yarn to go up on eBay (shameless advertising again .. my eBay ID is threeolivemartini .. big surprise.. ) and here is what I came up with so far.. and will probalby do more tomorrow..

Last but not least.. a picture that proves my cats really arent possessed..

Have a great night guys !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Wednesday, April 13, 2005  


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