Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm IN!

SO .. ok last night I was all ready to post this really snarky silly whatever post.. and I couldnt for the life of me.. get in to do so.. I could comment on other peoples blogs but I was not allowed to post UGH!!!! so of course I wasnt smart enough to think ahead and get all my thoughts caught in say notepad or word.. no that would make way too much sense..and right now.. I am a little short on that..

I will say my yarns are selling fairly well on eBay a girl has to get a plug in whenever she can.. I know a few of you have shown interest in the colour way I have called Copper Penny.. I have to tell you .. and I am dead serious.. the lot I have posted is the VERY last of that exact colour way.. I have something else similar but Its going to be blended differently... actually in this bunch I have listed.. I have a couple of lasts and one and onlys.. so go look.. contribute to the habit! LOL.. it wont kill you I promise..

I have actually gotten some things done.. here is the next on the line of bracelet bags I have finished.. I cant wait to go live on my site because this will be one of my items I will have for sale.. man this whole post is turning into an advertisement.. LOL..

I used three yarns held together.. a seeded boucle.. a single ply cotton .. and an acrylic chenille.. I really liked the way it turned out..

The bracelet part on this was a little larger than the last.. its not one I like for me because I have smaller hands.. but I realize hands come in all shapes and sizes and this is a good inbetween size...

I am going to start sewing tonight .. and maybe wind some more yarn.. today has been a kind of blah day .. I bruised my heel a couple days ago...lets just say .. walking has not been good...

I have my secret pal package almost to ready.. It will be sent out Monday.. I have a couple more small things to include.. and It will be ready to go!

Tomorrow .. I get to go play in clay most of the day .. then come home and relax the rest of the evening... no special plans for the weekend.. I think I might do a whole lot of nothing.. RIGHT!! NEVER matter how hard I plan.. I will be busy .. it will be self inflicted.. because I cant sit and not do anything.. I think maybe sunday though.. I will treat myself to a Harry Potter marathon.. and a day of sitting on the sofa and crocheting my little heart out while I watch witches and wizards battle evil.. sounds pretty good to me.. Saturday I have dyeing plans..I might tackle it tomorrow night so I can leave saturday free.. I have some mohair begging .. really begging.. for a colour change and some added colour... and of course there will be the before and afters so you all can marvel at my mad skilz .. HAHAHAHA!!

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