Monday, April 25, 2005

hmmmm Monday..

Monday.. what can I say about my weekend.. ?? not too much .. I treated meself to pizza sunday night.. after my Harry Potter Marathon.. something about sunday gives me permission to laze about.. Saturday .. I just cant.. I think I can but it never works that way .. I have started on my deep spring cleaning.. Getting all the dust and soot and pollen out of the house.. I have had my windows open already this year and there was a yellow dust on top of the grey dust in the house.. eww .. I know.. oh well .. I am working on getting that all recitified.. I spent satuday doing those kinds of things.. I will be glad for next winter because there will be a wood stove in here and although I know I will still have a bit of soot in the house come spring.. It will be nothing like the stuff I collected from the fire place this year..

I have been winding yarn .. and continued cleaning today.. I know I am so fucking boring sometimes.. I am however getting two baby red eared sliders soon.. so Sunday afternoon I did get out of the house to go look for temporary digs for my new little friends.. I will be able to go home and get them a nice big tank soon and then the small tank will be used for holding feeder it all works out anyway .. I found their decor for the tank too while I was out.. They are gonna get to swim in the ruins of the Parthenon.. and have a little floater dock rock .. its gonna be sooo cool.. I have to rearrange the house a big to make room for the tank.. but that is ok .. I cant wait!! ...

I would liek to report my weekend was more exciting than this.. but.. it really wasnt .. and that is ok sometimes.. a nice .. relaxed uneventful weekend is better than the alternative.. LOL .. like busy chaotic and crazy.. I do like to keep busy.. .. busy makes me feel good.. being productive is nice too .. I am about to do a whole rearrange in the kitchen too .. this house is such a cracker box.. UGH.. I have to find creative solutions for every thing .. it makes me crazy .. sometimes I have to go outside just to think .. I feel so stifled here sometimes.. I am just so used to home.. I have about 12 months left here so I am trying to make the best of it ..

I guess that is all I have for now.. except well.. I got my tea the other day and of course commenced to drink a whole freakin pot.. so can we say wired?? LOL.. I was so wired.. sometimes I dont think .. oh well no harm .. no foul! oh yeah .. I added a new friend to the side over there.. and changed a couple buttons.. and I have done a little blog clean up YaY!!

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