Friday, April 22, 2005

All Work and NO PLAY

I could lie.. and say this was my day .. but really the work I did seemed like play.. I went and helped my good friend Olivia get ready for her pottery show.. I was using a slab roller for those of you in the know about clay.. and those of you who are not.. its like a large rolling pin set to make a uniform thickness of clay.. kind of like sugar cookies..roll it out..cut out shapes.. then she goes and makes it "hers".. by putting in the details.. like lines and eyes and stuff.. like for her fish.. I also cut out some crosses.. hearts and stars.. and she showed me how she made beads from clay... very fascinating stuff for me.. I love to learn.. sooooooooooooo as we were getting finished up for the day she pulled out some beads.. some copper wire.. and some tools.. and was like.. "I am gonna knock out a couple of hair pins.. wanna keep me company?".. so on top of being a damn awesome potter.. she also is a jewelry maker.. so she gets out these cute lampwork beads she had made for this purpose.. they were all fish.. like little tropical glass fish.. I FELL IN LOVE with the yellow and lime green one (big surprise there huh?)so she goes on to make these hair pins out of 16 gauge copper wire.. some smaller copper wire that looks like thread almost.. I was thinking I could crochet it.. and we are just chatting away .. and she is asking me a few questions about how I might want the beads to hang felt good to give an honest opinion.. its nice when you can do that with another artist.. I mean its like they get you when no one else does.. soooo.. she finishes puts her things away and says "We are done for the day!" .. I was like woohooo!! and gathered my stuff .. headed to the door.. and as I was leaving.. (I didnt see her do this..she had palmed the hair pin with they yellow and lime fish) she hands me the pin.. and says "This is your pay for the day ".. I was in HEAVEN!! ... Let me tell you.. it doesnt take much to make me happy .. one little fish bead was something that made me happy.. she could have just given me the bead.. and of course I go there and help because I want to not because I want something.. sooooo.. I guess I have kept you all waiting far too long for this little picture.. so with out further ado .. my "fishstick"

How cute is that? and the little fish and bead trailers.. move when I walk.. OH YEAH!

SO.. I get home .. thinking how the day couldnt get much better but what do I find on the door? My Adagio Tea order..if you have not tried them out.. I suggest you do .. and if you want to try them out just comment or email me and I will email you a little gift certificate to use with them.. so here is what I bought.. and talk about both feet first.. Deneen raved about this tea.. so I bought a pound.. cause it WAS on sale!

With a touch of Splenda and some milk.. this tea is total heaven .. I was skeptical at first but after the raves and reviews .. I did it.. and I figured if I didnt like it .. it would make a hell of a RAOK!

THEN.. as if seriously I didnt think the day really could get better.. I opened the side door.. and there they lay .. MY FAVOURITE TARTLETS!!! How they got there? I have no clue.. BUT they were there.. so.. I brewed some tea.. and ate the whole box.. I am a pig.. I will admit it.. there are only 8 in there come on!

SO life is good here in the land of weird LOL.. Have a happy weekend .. I am gonna try to be better at posts (ha.. where have you heard that before? ) But seriously.. I am feeling better.. so that should make for more me here.. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing..

I do wanna thank all my good friends who stuck by me thru all the craziness.. you know who you are.. I will just say .. good friends .. a shrink and drugs.. can fix anything.. well almost anything !

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, April 22, 2005  


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