Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I got up this morning .. early even .. realized.. NO ONE ELSE DOES!.. and found myself bored fast..

So I started working on my choker.. and watching my auctions for endings etc.. and just email in general.. I am a little obsessive compulsive on emails.. especially when I have written some one and I am waiting with excitement for their reply.. I am a big kid I tell you .. seriously.. when I write some one and I really am anxious for their reply I will check my email every 15 minutes after I send it.. unless of course I try to stay busy and focused.. and at that point .. I turn the sound up and leave my email on so I can hear the little sound that lets me know mail has arrived.. and of course .. I have set it at a ridiculously silly alert.. its from Monty Python and says "Message for you Sir! " then you hear an arrow lodging into something.. I digress..

Started in on my choker.. no messages.. start feeling down right icky.. one of those nasty headaches .. creeping in on me.. so .. I do my preventative.. or nip in the bud stuff.. a couple glasses of water.. a little sugar and some caffiene..a bite to eat... nothing worked.. still creeping.. by 1.. I gave up.. I took my migraine meds and went to bed and pulled the sheets up over my head and there I slept til up feeling some what better.. took a shower.. had a little tea and now I am at blah.. which is better than "sick to my stomach headache".... I dont think I am fully awake..

AND of course .. I sit here writing.. waiting on an email.. I dont want to get up .. I dont want to miss it.. but of course .. I NEED to get up ... I have adoring fans that have already messaged me and told me if I keep them in suspense about this choker much longer they are gonna choke me! .. So with that.. I leave you .. and when I come back I will have pictures.. and maybe one of the choker..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Wednesday, April 27, 2005  


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