Tuesday, May 03, 2005

On Pins And Needles.....

Ok.. so there is something better that what I described in the last post.. and that is if you take that and before you place it in the bowl.. lay down fresh shortbread warm from the oven.. then the other stuff.. yummers!

SO back to my title today.. I finished my choker.. and like all things in my life.. I have to torture it a little LOL.. Its being blocked on a piece of cardboard with some straight pins.. but I was so excited wtih the result of the final object.. I couldnt wait to show it off.. So.. here it is.. on pins and needles.. my choker.. made with navy cotton thread held with copper lurex .. and a raku heart crocheted on ..

The other good thing that happened today ..The UPS man figured out where I live.. and I got my handles .. wo0t!! So here they are .. 6 pair 4" handles for bracelet bags.. 1 pair 6" squares.. and 1 pair 7" D's .. (which I ordered 5" but got a nice email explaining they were out and would replace them with the 7" at no extra cost so that is what I took)....Tomorrow I will be the bag lady.. I have yarn to wind to list.. then I have plans to make bags all day tomorrow .. I am hoping to at least get about 4 done that would totally rock !!

With all the excitement about my tires this weekend.. I totally forgot to tell you all about my little angelic dogs.. and what happened friday afternoon ..

I was getting my dinner ready to go in the oven.. I was having frozen pizza.. I just didnt really wanna cook...I had the oven heating and had just taken the plastic wrap off my pizza when my cell phone rang.. it was on the charger in the bedroom.. I put the pizza down on the counter.. and went to answer the phone.. I have to say this.. in the almost 7 years I have had my dog .. He had never taken anything off the counter.. So I answer my phone .. talk for a few minutes.. it wasnt long.. then get back to the kitchen to throw my pizza in the oven.. and.. there is NO pizza to throw in .. just a circle of crumbs on my floor.. My dogs devoured a whole frozen pizza in less than 5 minutes.. I swear Brutus talked Cupcake into it.. cause I dont think Cuppy would have acted out alone..

OH well.. a friend stopped by and took me out for pizza... so alls well that ends well ..

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