Sunday, May 01, 2005

Le Sigh.......

Big SIGH.... Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend and some how I just cant find the money in my tight little budget to go.. CRAP... I thought It was going to be possible.. but doesnt seem so .. at the moment anyway .. Unless of course my fairy godmotheror father comes along and just decides to donate some time and money to me .. yeah right ! I think it just sucks because shit happens.. and I know there will be other events.. I just had high hopes of hitting this one and making new friends and just catching a break.. ok no more whining.. the good news..


I have only been waiting since what? January 23rd or so.. so you know whats the big deal right ? THEN there was almost tragedy yesterday when I went to have them mounted because I was called into the bay and told they were "not the right size".... umm according to who? you the technician that cant read the manual.. just because I am not putting the EXACT same size on doesnt mean they are WRONG?.. furthermore.. just because I am a girl doesnt mean you can scare me into thinking your lies are true!.. I called the dealship before ever buying the first tire to make sure what I was doing was with in the safety guidelines of my car.. and I even double checked my manual to make sure.. so you can only imagine my surprise .. when I was called back into the tire bay and told "they are wrong".. here is what the exchange went like ....

Dorky Technician: Umm who told you that you could put this size tire on your car?

Me: The dealership

DT: Well its the wrong size..

Me: Tell me how its wrong...

DT: Well its not the same size that came off your car....

Me: Yeah I know.. the side wall is a lower profile and the width is a little wider... as a matter of fact the side wall is exactly 1/4 " shorter and the width is 3/8" wider...

DT: *dumbfounded look* .... well who said you could do that?

Me: Does it fit the rim?

DT: Yes....

Me: Then I dont understand the problem.. I know they arent the same EXACT size.. I wanted them like this and specifically asked for these tires.. I went to the trouble of calling the dealer AND checking the manual..

DT: Well it could be a safety issue....

Me: I dont see how these tires could possible be MORE unsafe than the tread bare things you just took off so.. if you dont mind I have only been waiting since January for new tires and now you have added 15 more minutes to that.. so just put my tires on.. PLEASE... !!

DT: You are gonna have to sign....

ME: *walking off shaking my head and not caring what I had to sign i just wanted my tires.. *

Then I walk back inside and talk to the manager...He asked if there was a problem because I guess I looked a little irritated.. and I told him that I didnt appreciate being talked to like I was stupid because I was female.. he asked what happend and I told him and he shook his head and said that guy was new.. .. my opinion new or not.. dont talk to me like I dont know what is going on .. PERIOD.. at any rate.. I have a nice smooth noiseless ride now and I couldnt be happier!!

This weekend has been pretty full.. Springfest was here yesterday .. I took a little time and walked around it.. bought my puppies some new all natural cedar and lavendar dog soap.. and some candles for me (more Yankees .. cause they had a better sale !) I went to Fayetteville yesterday after Springfest and did some Sam's shopping for food... I love getting every thing I need for a month at one time..and some AC Moore shopping.. only picked up a couple little things there...met some friends for late lunch early dinner.. and come home.. I was wiped out! ..

Today .. I treated myself to a movie.. went to see Sahara.. it was good but totally unrealistic.. so If you can get over the unreal parts. .... it was really entertaining.. and of course Matthew McConaughey is fairly easy on the eyes.. no complaints..

I guess that is all I have to report at the moment.. gonna go .. maybe work on something for a change instead of just winding yarn LOL ..

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