Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy Monday

Monday is always a day I come into really dreading.. then when it turns out to be a pretty good day.. things seem to go well the rest of the week ..

Today .. went pretty well .. despite my obvious small amount of harboured bitterness about not getting to go to MS&W.. only to be a little rubbed in by all you in blog land that just HAD to share pictures of your goodies with all of us less fortunates.. I know you think you are being kind.. but I think you are actually perpetuating the bitterness that lies with in those of us who didnt get to go..i think you all might be closet sadists ... ok.. well maybe not all of us.. maybe just me..!! Its really ok .. I am glad you all had a great time.. there will always be next year .. and besides.. I dont have to worry about the vast amounts of money spent by all of you saying you would have something called will power only to crumble at the temptation...

I woke up this morning to knocking on my door.. to be honest.. I thought I was dreaming it .. because..well.. I went to sleep at about 4 am.. and this knocking began at 9.. so you can imagine.. I realized it was real when Cupcake my great defender.. started barking and pacing.. the clicking of his nails on the hardwood is what rendered it real.. so .. out of bed .. answer the door.. great.. the tiler.. I have only been waiting for him to come do my fireplace for 2 months.. so today when the part of the year that I obviously dont need a fireplace any more has arrived.. he comes... good timing buddy.. only to tell me when I answered my door.. he would be back in an hour .. to start work.. so .. why didnt he just call ? At any rate.. I got going.. got my coffee.. moved all my furniture in my livingroom around so I could roll back my rug.. took a shower and an hour later.. I was still waiting.. then 2 then 2 and 15 minutes.. and that just pissed me off.. Its inconsiderate.. PERIOD.. I could have run some errands.. had a decent breakfast.. walked the dogs.. something.. but no I was stuck waiting.. then they were in my house til 4. .. so no errand running really got done today except the one small thing I needed to run and drop off.. by then it was really too late for anything else.. and the best part.. they arent even close to finished.. so my living room is in disarray .. and I am playing the hurry up and wait game.. not sure what time they will be back tomorrow because no one bothered to inform me.. UGH...

There is an upside.. I got to spend my day in my office being a productive little worker bee.. I knitted.. I crocheted.. I spun... I got some packages ready for mailing.. I did some research.. I watched a couple movies.. and had a good relaxing day knowing there was nothing I could do but relax .. in my little area of the house .. and I had a good excuse to be a hermit today.. most days I dont LOL.. I even got some of the new wool I have wound and ready for dyeing.. I have a shit load of dyeing to do.. maybe I will do that tomorrow while they are here .. however .. It will be a bit inconvenient since I like to hang my stuff over the tub to dry .. and the kitchen is on one side of the living room and the bath is on the other.. I will figure something out.. where there is a will there is a way .. always !! ..

I sit here .. happy with my accomplishments today.. I am almost finished with a *gasp* doily.. My first in a long while.. I generally prefer yarn and big hooks but something said I should do it .. so I am .. maybe tomorrow you all will get to see it ....I should have another afternoon of relaxing...

So I leave you with this picture of my fireplace.. so you can see the progress.. If you look closely you can see the new mortar on the sides near the corners of the opening.. they actually took out two runs of brick and replaced the side bricks to make the opening higher to accomodate the new stove's pipe that will have to go in and up the flue..they also filled in some spaces in the mortar on the upper part of the brickwork.. I know you cant really tell much has been done but trust me.. and tomorrow they will come in put in the hearth part.. and close the opening with copper.. then I will get my mantle back .. its only been off for 2 months too .. It used to be white.. my land lord has taken it and stripped off the 8 layers of paint and has put a hand rubbed oil finish on it to bring out the grain of the wood..its so fabulous.. I cant wait to get it back.

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