Friday, May 06, 2005

Show and Tell.. but..

OK.. well I promised some pics tonight.. but they were to be of my little sparkly bracelet bag.. however.. I just didnt get it finished.. as Much as I wanted to today .. I swear my animals were intent on making me crazy.. my dogs paced all day .. by that I mean .. they paced between the kitchen the office the living room and when they werent pacing .. they were staring at me like they were in some sort of state of neglect because I was trying to work on something..just trying to make me feel guilty.. so it got to the point where I came in the office to escape the pacing.. and of course the little cat in heat that in turn drives the other two cats crazy while she tries to rub all over them ..

SO.. this is the face I would see as I would look up from my work today ..

As cute as that is.. its distracting because .. of course if I gave any indication I was going to give him attention.. he would push on over to where I was trying to work .. I swear they are out to drive me crazy...

I love them though.. after I had sequestered myself into the office for a little while.. I came out to the living room and found Brutus chewing a wooden spoon.. it was crazy.. the spoon had been on my book case to help me stretch some wool back onto my version of a swift to roll into balls.. it was on the second shelf.. so he had to try hard to steal it off there.. then destroy it..

Anyway .. with out further ado.. here is what I finally finished today.. it had been sitting on my chair for sometime waiting to be bound off.. and for some reason I thought this process would be harder than it was.. so I had put it off.. well tonight.. I decided since I was half crazed anyway .. I might as well try and If I didnt get it right .. then I could just blame my state of mind..

I love how it looks like it has ears (horns) .. hahah.. its 4 yarns .. a red mohair.. a rainbow thick thin cotton .. a sparkle yarn and an aqua mohair.. I am rather pleased I finished something today .. and although this wasnt so hard.. its really just a rectangle sewed up the sides..

Here is my little self portrait..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, May 06, 2005  


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