Friday, May 06, 2005


SO .. I am sitting here... a little smug.. happy with myself.. and some what proud.. I changes some things in my side bar.. added a yarn of the week feature.. made a couple new links.. and I did it all myself.. of course not with out some trial and error.. but .. It looks good now .. if I do have to say so myself...

Today.. rain rain rain.. no market.. a little sadness.. knowing I am missing Maryland Sheep and Wool.. and its not just missing the festival.. its missing all the fun people I would have had a chance to catch up with .. that is the part that bums me out more than anything.. there is a list of about 10 people I would have loved to have caught up with Beth.. is on the TOP! She has been so nice to me.. the best part is.. she doesnt really live that far so some day .. I might have to just go see her anyway .. it would be closer than going to Maryland in the first place.. now she is gonna think I am a stalker.. LOL

Then there are all the girls at Crochetville...Jess... Holly...and Pam.. that would just have been so fun.. and of course let's not forget the Harlot will be there..It would have been fun to get her to sign the bookbookbook and ask her a few small knitting questions.. like how to make latvian mittens LOL.. just kidding .. I dont think I will ever be THAT good..

I have a little shout out .. Sharon .. sent me.. BLACK JELLY BEANS!! She rocks .. totally.. and with those jelly beans she also send Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.. and some Wild Lettuce Complexion soap..

SO.. I am off.. to go do great and wonderful things.. like make another bracelet bag.. think sparkles.. I will show and tell tomorrow..!!

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