Friday, May 13, 2005

Man What a Day

First off.. an apology to MoM..cause I already know this is gonna be a long post .. so you will get your spindle and roving pictures and explaination tomorrow..

Today ..started off kind of rocky.. see previous post.. then as it went on .. it was going pretty well.. found out eBay was having a listing sale.. so I jumped right on that .. got some yarns blended and posted throughout the day .. So.. there are 16 new things to go browse thru over there..I changed my format a little.. I am selling by the hank/skein/ball whatever instead of lots.. and its all buy it now .. so now waiting.. if this seems to work out better.. than that is the way I will keep it..

The afternoon .. I knit alittle more on my scarf .. took the dogs for a very short walk since it was quite warm here today .. high reached 92.. and of course I didnt have the sense to take them earlier than oh say .. 1pm.. so .. right in the heat of the day ..Brutus was acting like he was gonna pass out.. little faker.. cause the second we got him and I took the harness off.. he was running around like a banshee..

I got home and straightened a little.. wound some more yarns.. took another shower.. threw on my 3 olive tank top and some khaki shorts.. and relaxed a little .. heard the mail man come up and leave something on the door step.. two little boxes.. hmmm..

In the first box .. was.. this...

Its an outdoor citronella candle .. in the shape of a martini... how great is that ?? I cant wait to use it!!


The next box takes a little more explaination.. I have made many friends in my years on the internet.. I will say that Alekx was one of the very first people I met when I finally took the plunge about 7 years ago and decided I needed a computer.. and we have had many many good times and laughs and even a few cries over the years.. well a couple years ago the opportunity arose ..Alekx and her husband .. the house elf.. came to see me for a weekend over memorial day .. we ate.. we drank(some very good red wine) .. we played dominoes.. I even learned a little tagalog.. it was a good weekend.. and I will say .. I have always loved cigars.. and good wine.. Recently the house elf took a trip to europe.. and I will not ask how he did it.. I will not question any of it .. all I can say is I am grateful he broke the law for little ole me .. you see .. inside that box was this..

That 's right boys and girls.. a CUBAN Montecristo.. absolute heaven.. that baby is resting in my humidor waiting for a very special event.. Its been awhile since any one has broken the law for me .. well THAT law anyway .. I truly appreciate it!

Wow... my day was grooving right along.. I came in this evening to finish up my eBay stuff.. then it happened.. needless to say .. I was pissed..


There is a place I like to visit that has a chat client.. lately there have been some complaints.. so some rules were put into effect.. which .. I totally agreed with and respected.. sure you dont want people wandering in the chat room and stumble into some crazy conversation.. so I totally get it.. a group of us.. decided we would abide by the rules even going a step farther so innocent eyes couldnt stumble into our rather racy curse word splattered covnersations by making a password for our room we created to keep those above mentioned people out.... I am no saint.. (really? you say...) I let what ever wants to come out ..come out.. and If that happens to be a few fucks or whatever then so be it.. the people closest to me know this is the way I am ... so now there are complaints that certain people are BLOCKED from our chat.. they arent blocked.. they just dont have the pass word.. and to be quite honest.. I thought we were doing the right thing in passwording our room so we couldnt offend any one else..

There are a group of us that get together on a fairly regular basis.. .. so in the privacy of our own room where we knew no one would get offended.. we talked..we ranted ... we cursed .. we let it all out.. then tonight.. we go in .. profanity filter.. even in our locked private room .. give me a fucking break! please.. we are all adults.. or at least I thought we were .. I just dont see the need.. especially when we are having our own locked private conversations.. and in that.. if we are having a private locked conversation then I think its our right to say who may and may not participate..

Now.. on a side note.. there are a group that have been making their own room for quite some time.. they would make the room and go in and not even say bye .. or we are gonna go talk some where else etc.. just left.. then they would IM certain people that stayed back and ask them to come in with them.. putting them in a very hard situation.. making them choose.. at lest we are not rude like that.. we go into our place immediately .. and some how its one of the ones that started doing the subroom thing .. that is complaining so much about not being able to come into our chat.. go figure.. I just dont get it.. bullshit games..

I thought we all out grew it in high school but I am finding no matter how old you are .. its the same things .. peer pressure.. cliques.. the cool kids vs. the nerds.. it never really ends.. and this could have been so simple really .. had the people that started trying to be segregated had just been bigger and ignored whomever it was they were trying to ignore (ME.. no i am not stupid) so the people that like both sides wouldnt have to choose .. or come to the "darkside" wtih me ( thanks Sharon for that one !!) I didnt think being civil could be such a chore.. but apparently for some it is.. and then when things dont go their way.. or they dont get what they want .. the run and tell .. like a 3 year old.. simply ridiculous..

The part that really kills me .. are the people that started being rude are now complaining .. like I said simply ridiculous.. I cant think of any other way to say it.. there are a few in every crowd trying to ruin it for every one else because they cant get exactly what they want.. OH well.. there will be ways around it .. even if "my" group has to use yahoo or msn to get any peace..

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